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Blood pressure

I`m 40 years old and have had high blood pressure for about a year. My doctor has just put me on tablets for it. When I asked him if it was still safe to do triatlon he wouldn`t commit to a yes or no. He said I would be better to find out from a tri organisation but that it may be too strenuous. Anyone in the same boat or who might be able to advise? I`d really appreciate it.


  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I would say find a new doctor it's his job to give out advice like that. No triathlon organisation is going to be able to give medical advice. However exercise is an excellent way to help reduce blood pressure along with a good diet and lifestyle changes. If you feel ready to exercise then start off taking it easy and build up over a period of time. Obviously I have no idea of what kind of physical state you are in so I'm not going to say what you should or shouldn't be doing either. But I have trained plenty of people with high blood pressure and as long as you do it sensibly you will benefit hugely. By the way, what is your blood pressure?

  • eamonneamonn Posts: 30
    Thanks,Boycie.It`s 144/108.I`m resonably fit,don`t smoke and eat o.k. and did a few triathlons last year. I think it`s a lack of understanding on his part - you mention the word triathlon to some people and they just think it`s a sport for superfit nutters. I`m really only in the fun end of it.
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189

    144/108 isn't too bad, I'm suprised you've been put on tablets for it to be honest. Enjoy your training and I doubt a triathlon would be too much to ask for later in the year.

  • NickNick Posts: 66
    out of interest what tablets have you been prescribed?
  • eamonneamonn Posts: 30
  • apnoeaapnoea Posts: 16
    Hi eamonn

    your blood pressure prob does need treatment. diastolic(lower number) of over 100 is high, and puts u at risk of complications. lisinopril is a good drug and better than beta blockers if u exercise as ur heartrate is not restricted. while ur diastolic BP runs over 100, it is best to restrict ur exercise to light to moderate as BP increases with strenuous exercise(normal physiological response), and can put u at risk of stroke if u push urself too hard. that said, exercise and weight loss are the recommended "lifestyle modifications" for treatment of hypertension. it is just as well u are starting treatment now as u can concentrate on base training, and hopefully by the time u need to step up intensity ur BP will be better.

    if u feel uneasy about ur medical advice, rather than contacting a tri org, may be better to find a sports physician. they normally concentrate on injuries, but a physician with an interest in sports medicine may be the person to talk to

    hope this helps

  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Hi Eamonn,

    Are you living in Ireland? I'm a GP and I do Triathlons. If you want to email me direct I'll tell you what to do.

    [email protected]


  • BilleyBilley Posts: 4
    Hi Eamon I'm a triathlete with hypertension. It CAN be done, but you've got to learn what your own personal limits are. And you've got to realise that winning is likely to be an impossible dream. Just to do well you have to be fitter and have better technique than the average. I am concerned about your quoted BP as my Dr. would go potty if I went over 140/90. My current is 130/85 and I'm working on both technique and fitness. Technique has to be the key as you have a limit. Better swimming, cycling & running technique saves energy. I know, the folks around me all have faster cadences. I can usually keep up in the pool and on the bike I'm still working on the run phase. Keep it up, don't forget your clubmates, they will encourage you. (I hope that you are in a club).[;)]
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