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Which Tri mag?

There seems to be an abundance of Tri mags, 220, Triathletes World, Triathlon Plus and Now Triathlete Europe.

Which one provides the better content for general training and gear advice, as I'm tempted to subscribe to one.


  • I'm interested to see Triathlete Europe 'cos I like the American version. Can't remember which is which out of Plus and World, but one seems more feature and article based rather than "6 ways to greatest carb loading" session, and i quite like that.
  • Definately Triathlon Plus - I found 220 too beginnery, and Triathletes' World doesn't really have enough content. Tri Plus is the most inspirational.
  • YeppahYeppah Posts: 15
    I like 220 (well, I am a beginner after all...)
    I also enjoy Inside Triathlon. Great articles and also great photo!
    (Which just happens to be another hobby of mine )
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Had a look at Triathlete Europe, it seems to be the American version altered slightly to a UK / European slant. Probably better articles, but have to see Edition 2 before I decide.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I bought 220 and triathlon europe this month1

    220 was better. (I have a letter in it so it must be best) Not letter of the week though (dam and blast)
  • MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    I've subscribed to 220 for over a year now, but don't read it religiously cover to cover like I did at first. I've become a bit sceptical about some of the product reviews and some of the training plans are just a bit silly (4km swim warm up anyone?!).

    Have been through a couple of editions of Tri Plus which was refreshing, but found it a bit random in terms of content / running order.

    I'll stick with 220 for now, but for how long I don't know.
  • SilverbackSilverback Posts: 131
    Definitely not Triathlete's World-gave up after they asked who was your favourite tri star?! Had to check the cover to make sure i'd not bought Smash Hits.

    They also sit on the fence in product reviews. Whilst I may not agree with 220 or Plus, at least they have something of an opinion.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    220, it is getting better due to the competition ,but only veeerrryyyy sssslllloooowwwwwlllllyyyyy
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Blinkybaz wrote:
    (I have a letter in it so it must be best) Not letter of the week though (dam and blast)
    Must have missed that! Will check it out later...

    Anyone else entered the comp online for £6000 worth of gear? Just me right? I gotta win...
  • I tend to the favor the free one given out at any event/race i may be attending .. had about 4 so far this season. if i was to choose it would be triathlonplus at the moment, but am happy to read (sometimes even buy) what ever has the best looking cover that month.
  • aoneill69aoneill69 Posts: 206
    started Jan this year and got them all ...read everything from cover to cover and over again...however gave up couple of months back as found same type of articles were recirculated...and the websites were more interesting...same as happens in mens health/top gear/mountain bike world and all the other mags that i have had in the past!..... not that interested elite results...or kit that costs £5k ...may have to re-visit a couple if people think they are improving....
  • I get three mags 220 triathlon, triathlon plus and triathlon world I tend to find the triathlon plus more interesting followed by the triathlon plus and then triathlon world but every month I get all three
  • JessterJesster Posts: 482
    I noticed your letter, Baz! Made me smile......Triathletes world I enjoy but not much in it and verreeeee beginner-y which is great but i'm a bit past that content now.

    220 i pick bits and bobs through it as the elite stuff doesnt particularly interest me, nor do 3,000 pound bikes and overpriced tri bling. I do like it when they do reports from average joes like us, makes me feel included.

    Havent seen the others as i live in cornwall and havent found a shop in the county yet that sells Triathlete ANYTHING! This figures as i've yet to meet another triathlete in this county! anyone put me right?

    ooh tri is on TV on the BBC news now....
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I have a subscription to 220.
    I have bought two copies of Triathlon Plus, and think it is quite good.
    I tend to buy Cycling Plus each month. Very good for kit reviews (as is Tri+).

    I've not bought runners world (not running!) but think it is good, and backed up by a good web site.

    I buy cycling weekly fairly regularly - it is a bit too pricey to get every week though (money is better spent on swimming or whatever) - but it is quite a good read, with almost as much useful content.

    I've flicked through Athletics weekly - usually when there are some results I am particularly interested in - but it just doesn't have the appeal of a cycling magazine - which tend to have more appeal than running ones. Same with Tri World: too anaemic to purchase.

    I occasionally buy Mens Fitness - when it isn't too homoerotic and there are some endurance sports featured in it.

    I get the BTF rag which isn't too bad.

    Most of my magazine purchases are on the spur of the moment when I am traveling (train/plane).

    Never seen a swimming magazine yet!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Jack Hughes wrote:

    Never seen a swimming magazine yet!
    They tried 8 years ago then after 3 issues went into receivership,leaving the subscribers out of pocket.If I am in the States I can usually get hold of a copy of Swimming world Magazine.It kind of shows how far behind recreational swimming is in this country.Only now that there are the Blue Seventy and Big swims is the country making any progress.
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