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Running beginner advice

I'm new to tri - have my first one in August...

And I'm not a good runner - I have a membership with local leisure centre and have access to the running track - have done a few 4000m jogging sessions but am wondering about technique. I did a couple of 100m sprints today - followed by a jog back. And I noticed that when trying to run fast my body leans forward almost to the point of falling over - on the jog i'm more upright...

Any runners care to share technique tips?

My event is a 5k run (after 600m swim and 20k bike).


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    transittransit Posts: 163
    That is a fairly broad subject and is hard to generalise. Due to the nature of triathlon requiring efficient actions alot of research has gone into run technique, I'm not really up to speed with all the details but you could start by looking at something like the Pose Method. A couple of the key principles of this seem to be widely recognised which are high cadence and mid to fore foot strike. The latter means that you are not extending your leg in front of your body in a braking action.

    Just a couple of pointers, would read up more on the subject before progressing. Hmm, not sure that is helpful or not??[8D]
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    My two penneth (shows you how old I am)

    First of all it is very easy to damage yourself if you do not have the right shoes so get yourself off down to a proper runninng shop that will analyse your gait on a treadmill and recommend a good shoe. You will pay more but hopefully you will not crippple yourself.

    You say you have club membership, try the treadmill. I know very boring but I find there is less impact than on the roadand it helps you develop a sense of pace. Go for a slow pace say 8 - 10Kph to start and aim to complete the 5 Km distance. If you don't complete the distance try dropping the pace until you can so, when you are able to do the distance you have achieved the primary goal and that is to finish - end of story, anything above that is a bonus. No point sprinting like mad if all you end up with is a DNF.

    Having accomplished that, try to click on the pace by .2 or .3Kph each time you use the treadmill so that you are gently pushing and extending yourself, that way you will build up stamina and start to get your legs accustomed to running.

    I have never done this sprint-jog stuff but go for a steady sustainable pace that will use 100% of what I have left, my rationale is that if you have enough for a sprint you haven't been working hard enough on the run. This is a triathlon not a line up together and dash for the tape.

    Now once you have started to get your runners legs then you can start to think about variable pacing and more advanced training techniques.

    Anyway that's what I do but have listen to others do some more trawling and find out what works for you.

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