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OD off rubbish training...

md6md6 Posts: 969
I have my first OD on sunday and the last few weeks have gone quite badly training wise, I crashed the bike and had almost 2 weeks out, then i was away for a wedding and then i had a cold. In total i think i have ridden (inside) about 60k over 2 sessions flat out - which both had a 1k flat out effort on the treadmill following them, run 3 or 4 2mile tempo sessions and swum 3 times, one distance (timed) and 2 drills. So not much for 3 weeks.

Do i go balls out on sunday - bearing in mind it is going to hurt me more than expected and lay a reasonable marker down for my next OD (in september) but risk blowing up and DNF, or treat it as a quite intense training session making sure that I finish?

I know what i want to do, but there is a bit of the fear getting to me...


  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    i say just finish it. it is your first and if you dnf it will do your head in....while its your first you want to be finishing cause what ever happens you get an OD PB....better than an OD DNF....and if its a bit slower than you hoped for you have the lack of training to blame..and so KNOWING you can beat it next time.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Sounds to me like your two options are actually one and the same. Go for it as much as you feel able.

    You won't DNF, unless you have an accident or injury. Regardless of having a couple of off weeks you are fit enough and able to do an OD. Its pretty hard to utterly destroy yourself in an OD unless you do something really stupid, like sprint until you fall over or completely fail to do any training whatsoever so a blow-up related DNF is very unlikely.

    My game plan would be cruise the swim, nail the bike, survive the run... so, pretty much like always, then.

    Good luck, matey.
  • I agree completely with Bofomofo, i did an ironman 2 weeks ago and for the seven weeks leading up to it I did practically no training through injury and sickness, and by practically none, I mean that 3 weeks out of the 7 I did nothing. I still managed to get round and so will you, you will shocked at how fit you are. Grit your teeth and power on through (or walk in my case!)
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Thanks guys I will get through and see how i do. new plan, get round, go for it in September (which is my planned 'A' race for the year anyway
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    That's the spirit MD, go as hard as feels necessary.

    You may find though that at some point you'll be thinking "I need to take it easy" only to be overtaken by some guy/girl who you know you could take... That's when the take it easy approach goes out the window!

    Good luck mate!
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