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Cheshire Cat sportive

Is anybody from the forum doing the Cheshire Cat cyclosportive this year on March 28th or has anybody done it in previous years?Ive heard it`s a proper toughie with some huge climbs


  • ollybollyb Posts: 11
    Went last year and only did the short one. I didn't have any massive climbs, guess they were just on the longer rides!
  • Hi, i'm in this, first time for me. I'm doing the 100 mile using it as training for IM France. There is supposed to be some big climbs with the infamous "Mow Cop" 25% gradient in there - looking forward to it
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I climb Mow Cop regularly as I only live 20 mins ride from it.... I can tell you its a monster..... 1 mile long starts steep, about 15% and finishes on 25%.... So far my fastest climb has been 8mins 40s... using 39/26gear.

    I consider myself a reasonable climber and this is tough.

    There is a run race up it every year too called the Killer Mile, I ran it last year and won it in a time of 8:21 I think?? so im quicker running up it than cycling......I think the route goes up Cat and Fiddle too?? Thats a 6.8 mile climb averaging 8% from macclesfield to buxton. its not as bad as everyone makes out.... I have climbed that in the Big chainring (53/19) in a time of 26:31.
  • I was reading about that Killer Mile yesterday sounded intresting - I'm hoping to get a run at Mow Cop before the race, the hill does look like a killer
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