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First Iron Distance Event?

Hi All,

so not been on for ages was hiding due to an achilles injury that took me out of London Marathon 3 weeks before and the rest of the Season been lickng my wounds all year

So thought i'd treat myself to my first Iron Distance event in 2012 and i don't know which one to do.

I don't want to do any earlier than August as i want to have the Best of the summer to get the miles in and use winter to build base aerobic capacity up.

So i narrowed it down to 3

Cologne 226 2nd September

Looks nice don't know much more about it

Challenge Henley rumoured 16/09/2012 - stood on evey Lap of it this year cheering my mate on great event but not sure i want to risk shitty english weather that time of year

or Challenge Barcelona 30th September.
I am strangely drawn to this one a)because the weather in september is a nice 22 degrees b) could beautiful scenery - Spanish Ladies

I ruled vichy Out due to the 43 degrees heat last year

Any views and experience of these races would be good. i want to get it on the calender so i can start planning my lack of life coming up.

Oh and just about to order a New P2 with Zipp 808's for the occasion.



  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    Cologne 226 2nd September has a terrible rep here in Germany - don't do this as yer first, no way!!

    Challenge Roth is yer only man! Fully booked up, BUT they re-open the registration of December 6th for a limited number - u might get in.
    I dud my first IM in Roth this year, it was AMAZING.
  • Hi there, definitely would recommend Challenge Barcelona, nice temps - altho nearer to 30 degrees for the 2 years that I have done it, glorious sea swim; flat, closed road bike course & multi lap backwards and forwards on the same road so does get a bit tedious, and a nice flat run to finish off. Organisation is superb and Callela is a fairly relaxing place to spend a week or 2 beforehand. And Barcelona is only a half hour train ride away too. Choose accommodation carefully as some get a bit noisy with Brit & German chavs but nowhere near like other mega Spanish Brits abroad resorts. The local population are 100% behind the race and I don't think it would enter anybodies mind to spread tacks on the road - well done the UK in this respect! Just go!
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