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First Wetsuit

Hi All

Hope everybody is well. I have completed my first season albeit a short one. 2 Triathlons a half marathon and a couple of 10K races. However for next season I am looking to do more triathlons. Can anybody recommend a good wetsuit that isn't silly money as I have never competed in open water events before.

Many thanks.



  • Hi Matthew

    This is a common question - I'm no expert but this is all I'd say.

    All entry level wetsuits are very similar in terms of performance, price, features and quality. You could argue that if you spend more you get a better wetsuit but I'm actually not sure that true tbh.

    I'm a big fan of Blueseventy gear..... Their entry level suits are pretty good.

    But the most important thing you need to look for is the fit. Get this wrong and you wasted your money. Try on as many as you can... Some places allow you to try them in endless pools.

    So, fit is everything, brand loyalty, looks etc come after that.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hi Matthew

    Willieverfinish has hit the nail on the head. Fit is king.
    A first wetsuit is not the best thing to buy off of a size chart over the interewb.

    Get yourself to a Tri shop with an endless pool and try them out. If you are southwest then TriUK in Yeovil are a good start point. They have an endless pool. They also do hire suits for a season.

    But be warned, FIT IS KING. it should be a glove.

  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    I agree with the above comments, but nothing wrong with getting em off the web if you've tried em on and know your size!!!
    I got a blue70 axis for £135 brand spanking new one, in about june.
    They normally retail at £400, but are now down to £200 cos end of the season.
    Very good wetsuit for runners and cyclists as loads of bouyancy in the legs.
    Have a shop round for fitting, then look round again for the bargains.
  • Firstly I would get someone to have a look at your swimming position in the water to see if you would benefit from having extra buoyancy in the legs area to artificialy lift you in to a better position. It is often the case that a lot of triathletes have a lot of muscle mass in their legs relative to the rest of their body and the wetsuit can help compensate for this. I would then be realistic about analysing your own swim stroke and make a decision regarding how much freedom of movement you want in your suit as this is a bit of a compromise against warmth, which is not a big issue if you are doing Olympic distance events but might be if you were in the water for well over an hour in an Ironman.

    I totally agree that fit is crucial here and this is more important than brands. I have a made to measure Snugg suit from a number of years ago and whilst my frame is the same size I have lost so much muscle mass around my shoulders from my twenties that in the water it would be virtually useless, so in the new year I am likewise looking for a new suit.

    If you are going to try on a number of suits it is only fair that you purchase from the store you go to. I am not sure what the previous post is suggesting but as an owner of a triathlon retail outlet many years ago stocking a full range of wetsuits is an expensive business as are running shoes and retail stores have their overheads. To find you size and then going online I think is very poor behaviour to save a few quid. I can apreciate there is pressure when you know your size and are buying like for like to save a few quid but not for a first suit.

    Your other option is that a few stores do suit rental for the season. It may be worth trying on a second hand suit and if you get a really good fit buy it at a discount or decide to go for a budget suit on rental for a season with the posibility to upgrade the folllowing year as your swim leg improves and you might want something better.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I fully agree with lancsrider, if you go to a shop to try then its good form to buy as well. If you are buying a replacement then the interweb is cool.

    I also remember that some shops are selling their ex hire suits for around £50 at the mo. Might be worth checking out. There is always an upgrade for the next season when you need a better one.

    Good hunting
  • fire trifire tri Posts: 173
    OOOPPPPPSSSS sounded a bit of a twat then
    i didnt mean use the shops just to get your fit and then not buy, it did sound like that!!!
    I went to Royles last year for my first wetsuit and they were great about sizing and brands etc, and I bought my wetsuit there and then from them.
    I replaced it this year so had a good idea on sizes etc.
    Didn't wanna sound ungrateful to shops.
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  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    fire tri wrote:
    OOOPPPPPSSSS sounded a bit of a twat then
    i didnt mean use the shops just to get your fit and then not buy, it did sound like that!!!
    I went to Royles last year for my first wetsuit and they were great about sizing and brands etc, and I bought my wetsuit there and then from them.
    I replaced it this year so had a good idea on sizes etc.
    Didn't wanna sound ungrateful to shops.

    We were'nt picking at you, it seems since the net has become so popular, lots of shops get people in to size them up for bikes, wetties and shoes. Then go to online stores to get cheaper priced items.

    I think we just wamted to make sure it was understodd that if a shop put's the time in then its them who deserve the cash.
  • M47hewM47hew Posts: 18
    Hi Guys

    Many thanks for the sound advice from all. I am planning a trip to a few tri shops to tri out the wet suits and Lancsrider you will be pleased to know that I will buy one from a shop. Which shop will probably depend on who provides the best suit fit and also provides the best customer service. Although as you have said the internet is a little cheaper i'm an old fashioned guy in the fact I like to support my local shops and also they provide that personal service which you dont get from the internet. So if it costs me an extra £10-20 so be it. At least if there is a problem I can go to the shop to resolve it.

    Again, thanks for all the help and roll on next season so I can try out my new wetsuit!!
  • Now there is that tri club that gets 40% off Blueseventy gear ( and in store at TFN too) .

    If only I could remember their name.......................






    Dont know much about them though..... Ive heard they have the largest support at the National club relays and had a massive BBQ and get together, the biggest discounts of any club, lots travel abroard to race, have an annual tri cmap at Les Stables ( discounted) every year, cluster up sportives in a way youd never imagine, fail to get out of bed for races, crash lots, start OW races in the portaloo, forget to bring their bikes to races! ( magical that one), a annual Xmas lash up, endomondo crazy challenges and general giggles for 12 months of a year.... apart from that, i know nothing about them.
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  • M47hewM47hew Posts: 18
    Lancsrider, I too wasnt have a go at you and used the £10-15 figures as an example. The shops are always dearer than online but my experience you can negotiate a better price from a store than a computer. Although maybe not still as cheap as the online store but not a great deal more. You also have the benefit of having the personal touch whilst shopping which I am a big believer in. I too use online stores but only if a local store cannot get hold of something when i need it or they dont stock what i want.

    I would have been annoyed at the store you travelled 70 miles to to see the bike to be told they didnt have it in stock and they could get one. would I have bought from them maybe not. Purely on the basis of misinformation.

    Willieverfinish. That club nobody seems to know about sounds like fun!! As I do believe the next stage in my development is to join a club. I was possibly thinking of a local club, but hey with the internet everywhere is local isnt it!! lol.

    I perhaps need to find out what letters would make up a good club logo. I guess if I start somewhere near the begining of the alphabet perhaps B and C then some T's as I guess it will have them in it as it relate to triathlons it may help. Is anybody thats a member of that club a member of other clubs too or is that not normally the case?
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Yes there are lots of us who are members of local clubs as well as BCTTT.
    Have you been over and had a look? www.bcttt.com

    people are based all over so there is bound to be someone close to train with.
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