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Which will make me fitter bike only or duathlon ?

I used to be a runner (best distance 5k but have done up to marathon), then after doing a bit of cycling I did a duathlon and loved it. I have since started training with a cycle club and shifted my focus on to cycling and now don't run at all.

All winter I have done 1 steady cycle, 1 long cycle, and 2 turbo sessions (one aerobic, one anaerobic). I'd prefer to train 6 days a week rather than just 4, and with the spring coming I wonder what will improve my cycling (and fitness) most:

- cycling another 2 sessions a week or,

- running 3 times a week

This is in addition to my current cycle training, 4 times a week. I'm guessing the turbo sessions will become club races.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts, experience on this ?

(p.s - I work full time, day shift hours so it has to be reasonable)


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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    if you want to do cycle events you shdou just cycle maybe add a core strength session.

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    HondaHonda Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply. I'd like to give cycling a proper go this year, but I miss running - that's the beauty of duathlon I guess ! I just wondered if I'd be better off cycling another say 3 hours a week or cross training instead.
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