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Ironman UK 2007



  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hey Tim, I would be mortified if anything happened now to prevent me going. I just want to wrap myself up in cotton wool & go to bed for the next week.

    Tats going to be on the outside of the left calf. That's so that in future races when I'm overtaking people they know they're being overtaken by an Ironman. And if anybody overtakes me I'll just keep quiet!!![:D]
  • ianmianm Posts: 4
    Rob, the dual carriageway will stretch out before you at about mile 12 and with 2 laps will take you to about mile 23. It is up and down and seems to go on forever. The first 10 miles of the run are around the castle. When you drive into the campsite you will go down a narrow track this is part of the run you have to do twice and is uphill. Forgot to mention a lot got calf cramps on the swim me included, cold water and inactivity seemed to be the cause so I will be focussing on stretching beforehand and more salt on my chips in the run up.

  • Hi Everyone, just discovered forum. I know its a bit late with only a week to go, but better late than never. Did Eastnor castle middle distance back on July 1st & started getting severe pain on the outside of my foot when i was about 9 miles into the run.

    Gradually been getting better but still there, replaced my shoes (asics 2110) with a new pair of the same about a fortnight ago. Everthing fine until yesterday, went on an hour run & it flaired up again. Been down chemist today & got some 400mg ibuprofen, will only take if need to I.E on the run.

    Has anyone got any similiar problems or advice, i reckon its peroneal tendonitus ( at least thats what i got off the net) also do you think its permitted to take ibuprofen in the race.
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    Hi Mighty Atom - not sure what the rules are regarding ibubrufen. Assuming its not on the list of banned substances it is ok. Don't quote me on that however.

    Just been looking at the weather forecast for next week. Its not looking good for midweek. Not good at all. Heavy rain for Tuesday, as well as gales. At the moment its is looking better for next weekend - hopefully it stays that way!! I was planning on getting to the campsite for Tuesday, but looking at the forecast I might well postpone that till Wednesday.
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    Im number 637, If you see me give me a wave (as you overtake)[:D]

    Best of luck to everyone and have a great day.

    If you see me by the roadside changing a tube, please feel sorry for me, cos im sh*te at punctures![8D]

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Latest Met Office forecast is as follows: 'During the weekend (18/19 Aug) there is still the threat of some rain or showers in the Northwest, but southern parts should gradually become drier, although temperatures will still be average at best.' That'll do for me.

    Hi Mighty, unless you're a pro you ain't gonna get drug tested. So drink as much caffeine as you like & quaff those ibu. Don't quote me on that!

    Cheers for the info IanM. Just what I ws after.

    My top ten tips:

    1. Smile

    2. Poo before the start of the race

    3. Thank the marshalls/volunteers

    4. Drink

    5. If you do get a puncture on the rear, change into the highest gear on the rear, it makes taking the wheel out a lot easier, (smallest sprocket).

    6. Smile

    7. Eat

    8. Don't underestimate the marathon

    9. Drink

    10. Don't underestimate the marathon
  • Thanks Rob for the info on the ibu, took one yesterday hour before bike & didnt get the squits or keel over, so if i need one on day should be ok. thinking off using throw away gillet on bike if p***ing down anyone doing same or just relying on tri suit to keep warm.

    Hope everyone tapering well & starting to feel strong.
  • Tim DTim D Posts: 64
    Well thats it! Have done 34 miles on the bike this morning. Nothing too hard. Bike seems fine after the check-up. Gonna be packing it away now for the journey to Sherborne. Sorted the car. Cleaned it out and moved the back seats (we have a bongo). Starting to pack up for the trip up on Tuesday (possibly Wednesday). All getting very exciting now (as well as nerve wracking). Just hope don't forget anything important. Remember to take photo ID for registration everyone!
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Guys! I've just discovered a new thing! It falls between Friday after work, & going back to work on Monday morning. It's called a 'week....end'. I think that's right. It's where normal people do lots of stuff. I mean stuff other than swim, bike & run. Wierdoes! I've been out with the wife, cut the grass, etc, it's been very strange.

    This morning around 10.00am I said to the wife 'This time next week......'. She went 'Yeh, you'll be a mad, dinny head nutter.' Goes to show what she thinks of it all.

    Tim, you taking bongos?! That for the bike or the run?
  • ianmianm Posts: 4
    Rob, thanks for weather update. Pray for no early morning mist on the lake as the start was delayed in 2005 by over an hour. Worth taking a bit too much energy drink to the start just in case you need to keep topped up. The music they play will keep you pumped up.

    Mighty Atom - I will take spare dry kit for the run just in case. Comfort is key in this thing. My nuts prefer to run in shorts anyway.

    Unless my forerunner and bike trip are wrong the bike course is about 108 not 112 so expect a bit of time bonus.

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Sorry Ian, forecast has changed as follows: During the weekend there is now some uncertainty with indications of another spell of wet weather now emerging, though some areas in the east and north may miss the wet weather. I wish they'd make up their minds! I wouldn't rely on any forecast before about Thurs/Fri.

    From using my Polar on the bike course, I reckoned it was a bit light too.

    I hope the start isn't delayed, I'd like to finish in daylight.
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Had a dream last night ... I was 5 miles into the marathon and mister T roared up in a tank shouting ' meet my friend pain ' (snickers ad). I don't know if it was nerves about the race or nutrition advice?

    Whatever it was I'm sure I'll be jibber jabbering by the end.

    Daylight Rob, you must be looking for between 13 and 14 hours? that's about the same for me all things going really well.

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi, just got a text from Tim, he's in Sherborne now, but chickened out of camping tonight. Can't say as I blame him, it's been howling all day here. Mist on the lake will be the least of our problems. Pack your wet weather gear. Met office forecast is 'unsettled' for Sunday. Could go either way at the moment.

    Pacman, I've been working on 14-15hrs. 13-14's a possibility, I'll just see how I feel on the day. I'd rather do 14-15 & feel OK than try for 13-14 & feel crap. The first marathon I ever did I thought I was in better shape than I actually was & set off way too quick & paid the price later on. I'm not making the same mistake again! And I ain't getting on no plane! Mr T didn't ask you to turn around & pull your shorts down did he?
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Whats the bit in the handbook about having to have reflective stripes etc on your run gear?

    Im using an Orca tri suit,does this mean I need to have a reflective stripe added/ Or is it just nonsense to fool the insurance people?

    It says they check your stuff at bag check in for reflectives??
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Rich, I went to Tesco & bought some reflective armbands for less than £3. I wasn't prepared to take the risk. It's in case you're out on the run when it starts to get dark. I've every intention of getting in before dark, but if there was mist on the lake say (unlikely given the current weather), the start could be delayed for an hr or two, & then I'll be needing a torch, let alone a fluorescent strip!

    I heard from TimD at the campsite & it's a mudbath so take your wellies if you're camping. I'm off this afternoon to register. Starting to get REALLY nervous now!
  • Hi guys,

    Am new to triathlon this year and wishing you all the best for the event on Sunday. My girlfirend and I are going down to watch you nutters, and I am also marshalling the cycle route at Caundle Marsh. I'll have a camera with me so if any of you want to get in touch with race numbers / distinctive clothing / estimated time you will be passing the 5 mile mark into the cycle etc...I'll do my best to snap you as you pass!

    Mobile on the day will be 07918 608774 and I will be at Marshall Point 61 (Caundle Marsh) from 7am onwards!


    Simon [;)]
  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Simon, you're playing with fire! That's how I got dragged into this, by spectating a couple of years ago. Life's never been the same since! Be warned!

    I reckon on being at the 5 mile mark of the bike at around 0750-0810, asuming we start at 0600. Race no. is 1047. Not sure what I'll be wearing yet, could be bright yellow waterproofs, or a Discovery top.

    Enjoy the day & thanks for marshalling.
  • I thought I might be! Good luck Rob...I'll keep my eyes peeled for you...

    All the best,

  • Mudbath eh.......what fun!

    Im off tomorrow afternoon camping - hope I can find a space! Sounds like quite a few already there.....

    Good on yer simsterxx! You will DEFINITELY be here next year ;-)

    Im No.1187 (so old!), and like Rob hope to be at 5 mile mark between 0750 and 0800 ish......wearing blue and white top and blue shorts....

    Appreciate your offer, and enjoy the day!

  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Cheers Rob[:)]

    I will get some bands/stickers when I pick my Bike up from service in the morning.

    Ill be driving down friday night to get there for saturday morning, its a long drive![:'(]

    If I got there at 7ish would I be able to gain entry to the camping area do you think??

  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi Guys, I'm all registered up! Went down today & am currently sitting here with my IM ID band on. When I finish I think I might keep it on forever. Spoke to TimD & he had to buy a new tent today as the one he borrowed leaked last night. Didn't see the campsite close up but the grounds around the castle are fairly dry. As long as we don't get a lot more rain it shouldn't be too bad. I saw a few tents on the site madmoi, I'm not getting there until Sat morning so save me a space!

    Rich, where the hell do you live? Shetland? I would have thought 0700 shouldn't be a prob with the campsite.

    Had a wander by the lake too. Visibility looks to be around 2-3. Inches. Meeting TimD for a swim in it tomorrow morning.
  • See you there then Rob!!! Incidentally, i'm not arriving tonight until after registration closes....and it opens again at 10am tomorrow. Will I be able to have a paddle at 9 in the morning, even though I wont be able to register until 10am???

    Surely anyone turning up in a wetsuit to swim in that HAS to be a competitor!!!!!

    Anyone know?

    James (very very nervous now.....)
  • ...........further to my last posting, just heard from race office - no problem! Just turn up at lake, they will check your name from official race list, and away you go!!! No need to be registered first.

    See you there boys and girls!!!


    (By the way, anyone want to say hello, I'll be arriving in a grey Zafira, family in tow, red and black Specialized.....[:D])

  • DrClausDrClaus Posts: 9
    Hey guys,

    All done and dusted now, how did you all do? I finished 14:14

    Had a good swim but had 2 punctures on the bike, tried to make up time and ended up killing myself. I found the top section just before the A30 and the A30 pure hell. The run was hard, especially those 2 heart detroying loops of the duel carriage way.


    I made it!!! I think that will be it for me IM wise. Great to do but the bike leg will haunt me forever!!!!

  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Well done to all you guys, a friend of mine did it in 12 28, a fantastic performance given his training. Hope you all had a greta time, despite the pain
  • To all who took part - what can I say? You guys are unbelievable!

    I was up at 4am and got to see the start...the tension was incredible and I felt nervous just watching it. Lesley and I then headed for our marshall point (61) which was at the end of the first loop, not the beginning as I wrongly thought.

    Bryan Rhodes looked amazing every time he came past and I managed to spot Rob (1047) who looked a tad bemused as I screamed his name, mainly out of disbelief that I had spotted him! Anyway, we were on a nightmare of a junction and were turning cars back all the time, so couldn't focus on the race as much as I would have liked. BUT, managed to get some great shots of Rob as he passed second time round - looking far too relaxed for my liking, by the way.

    We had a few dramas - one poor guy had his third puncture in front of use and had no more inner tubes, but a spectating cyclist donated him one and he was back on his way (but of course I didn't actually see him handing over the inner tube, your honour!)...another guy had a spoke failure and had to retire, which was bad as he had a good swim and had come over from the US just for the event - but he took it very well.

    Then it was back to the castle, just in time to see Scott Neyedli win - his split times are simply staggering...2hr 48min for the marathon is simply off the scale in my book!

    Saw a whole bunch leave for the run and it looked pretty grim but it was fun cheering them on and most seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

    All in all, it was a thrill to be there and witness the vibe first hand. Sorry I didn't spot more of you but you passed my station in about 5 seconds so it was easy to miss you - by chance I clocked Rob twice and took some good snaps.

    Am now (predictably) gearing myself up for IM myself - although I am terrified of the bike section...well done once again to all of you...for those going under the needle this week for your M-dot tattoos, the pain will be insignificant compared to that bike leg eh???!!!

    Nice one!


    PS Rob...get in touch via e-mail ([[email protected]][email protected][/email]) and I'll sort out the pics! May stick one on the forum too if I can...
  • Im an IRONMAN!!! How good does that feel!! Still on a high, but walking on air today proudly wearing my t shirt and medal - sad eh!!

    My family and friends who came to support me did a fantastic job - kept me going when it got tough - that would have been all day then!

    Thought it was going to be a disaster though - arrived at campsite friday evening in rain - and it rained..and rained..and rained, oh and was a bit windy too...not best prep in the world.

    Swim was COLD! had my zip pulled down early on and wondered where all the water was coming from - presumed i had a hole, but on exit went to pull it down to find it was down - hope the bloke that did it got bitten by a pike! Posted 1.15 though so was well pleased with that - then spent 15 mins in transition trying to get warm!! Family thought I had fallen asleep!

    Bike was WINDY! Tough course, but I enjoyed it, and the Run was a war of attrition with that soul destroying dual carriageway. Managed to run for 2.1/4 hrs without stopping, then did, as planned 8 min running 2 mins walking, but this slowed to 4 mins and 1 min walking, before i ditched the plan and walked the carriageway hills, cursing the organisers, and 'shuffled' down them! (Now I know what the 'Ironman Shuffle is really like!!) Managed to start to feel a bit better through Sherbourne to the finish, and even looked behind me on the red carpet - and walked down it to the finish - milking the applause!!! God that finish line was welcome! 13hrs 22 mins, under my 14 hrs anticipated, so well chuffed.

    Well done all who finished, and commiserations if you had to pull out for any reason......

    See you here next year??????????? [;)]


  • RobRob Posts: 209
    Hi Guys! Back home with legs as stiff as boards. I'll post a race report once I've gathered my thoughts. Cheers for the support Simon! What do you mean 'looking far too relaxed for my liking'! LOL! I was pacing myself!
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Happy with my swim, 1.23. Very silly method of 'start' they have IMO.

    Happy with the bike, 7.10.

    Run was a disaster.

    Total time 14.30.
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Must add, Used michelin Krylion Carbon Tyres on the day and was very impressed with them indeed! Great rolling resistance, extremely hard to puncture and only a tad heavier than Pro race 2,s.

    Dont think I will ever use any other tyre again after seeing at least 30 people puncture out on the course.
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