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Cow Man - Half Ironman

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to thank everyone at Big-Cow events for the excellent Cow Man this weekend. Thank you to all the canoeists on the lake and the marshalls on the bike and run courses for their help in making the event such a success.

It was my first Half Ironman and although quite painful (probably counts as very painful on the run), I managed to complete in 15 minutes better than my estimation.


  • Just read your race report. Scary stuff [:-](the run I mean) .... To me that seems like a good time though. Got my first half (first triathlon) in January .... Would be pleased with a time like that![:)]
  • nickjaywnickjayw Posts: 33
    Thanks Mike,

    My aim was for a 2 hour half marathon, but I was completely surprised by how much walking I did. Looking forward to a Full Ironman, I'll definitely have to work on the walk run strategy as its a big mental challenge.

    Which Half are you entered for?
  • I've entered the Tauranga half (www.halfironman.co.nz). We emigrated to New Zealand end of last year and its now my home town. Never done Tri before, done few 10K's in UK and one half marathon but have jumped in the deep end with the half ironman. My plan is for a two hr half but I'm sure I'll be doing my fair share of walking [:)].... will be pleased with just finishing but my real target is to beat 7hrs.
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