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Elbow muscle grrrrrrrr

ZoZo Posts: 5
Hey guys fell off my bike a few weeks back (highly embarassing) and fractured a bone in my elbow. All gd now but my elbow feels really weak when i have my body weight rested on my drop hoods. Any advice to what exercises I can do strengthen the muscles supporting it aside from bicep curls and tricep extensions


  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    i'd like some advice on elbow problems too, mine's still sore from falling over while sleepwalking a couple of months ago!!!!! so when you all pick yourselves up from rolling around on the floor, let me know too, just been doing lots of swimming myself.

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hi Zo - ouch !! hope you ok & that your bike came off alright ....... anyhow your elbow. 2 weeks post injury esp if a trauma to a bone resultant in a fracure of some sort isnt long at all. I would be inclined to avoid weights for another few weeks & work with what God issued you at birth ie you. You say you feel weak when using your drop bars depiste suing weights. If you incorporate simple compound exercises such as press ups & tricep dips utilising partial or even full body weight you will replicate the activty as done whislt using the bars far more readily & hence re-train the muscles acordingly. Try to use both static & dynamic exercise (ie fixed postion as well as movement to place loading on the joints & muscles around the elbow and shoulder). USe a similar principle as you would with actual weights working with manageable sets working at a pace and intensity you feel comfortable with. Again allow for recovery between sets & also between workouts. The recovery from rehabilitative exercise is as important as the excersies themselves - allows for repair & regrowth of tissue. use time for other activities that you can manage - as MAtt suggested swimming is good option as should be runnning (assuming your elbow is oka with secondary impact - if not switch to non-impact cardio work using equipment in your gym).

    Should you have problems still after a few weeks of light training as above get to see a physio or similar.

    hope that of some help

  • ZoZo Posts: 5
    Cheerz, excellent advice!
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