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as people seem to be putting their big races up on the forum i thought i would do the same (it may not be an IM but still v hard work!)

i did it last year and was vastly underprepared (lacking training and back had been in spasm 8 days before but am going to re enter this year and hopefully destroy my time of 6:47:45


  • n1ck bn1ck b Posts: 27
    What date and where is this monster? I've heard good reports about it
  • 8th september at Rutland water. I did the UKIM last year 2 1/2 hrs quicker than expected so I thought I'd have a crack at the National age groups long distance champ's this year.
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Yeah im doing Vitruvian this year, im moving it up a notch from olympic distance (although im still doing mainly oly in race season as well). Thought about doing IMUK 70.3, however the entrance fee is extortionate! The way i see it Vitruvian is an IM70.3 in all but name, its the same race distance so who cares if it doesn't have the IM brand - saves us a few quid!

    Im really looking forward to it, its gunner be a ballbuster! Any adivce on bikes for it - ive heard its a reasonably flat course so was going to use a tri bike, but if anyone with experience of the race says otherwise ill think again (may use my road bike if its hilly!).

    See you all there!
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    PS my missus lives near Rutford and im going to do a reccy on the bike and run legs if anyone fancies it (using 2006 race maps!). Im off on hols for 3 weeks though so im probably thinking nearer April / May time.
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Likewise I'm thinking of this as my first foray into middledistance... scary :D

    I've got family up there as well so could be keen on getting involved in a pre-race foray on the bike leg.
  • Steve I remember seeing you finish last year. Congratulations.

    For anyone else thinking of entering, the Vit is a great race. Interesting bike, flat run, good support and well organized. The bike course is not as hard as some people say it is, and I am a crap cyclist.

    The problem for me is that it's the week after the Big Woody Ironman distance race in Gloucester. Could I do an Ironman then a half Ironman on consecutive weekends? Ah feck it - of course I can [:D]
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Well if it’s a date in April I can make it for a training session on the bike leg for sure (might do a little of the run leg after as well to get some bricks in). Feb is out for me as im not in the country, and mid – late march im doing some 10Km races so that’s out.

    PS Ironman – then ironman 70.3 !!! Fair play that’s WAAAAAY outta my league!
  • Entered this yesterday. I think there are about 100 places left, so nearly full.
  • i emailed organiser as worried was about to fill and cash onstraints meant i was palknning on entering around april time

    had email back saying currently 198 entries and maximum number 800 so plenty left, he said will probably fill june/july but check the website

  • D'oh - I was looking at the entry list from last year [:@]
  • anyone else doing this race and is anyones starting to get a bit worried about it?

    4 and a bit weeks to go and ive not cycled the distance since about april, went for 30 mile ride last night though and aiming for 40-50 miles this saturday
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