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jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
I have been using a HRM for over 15 years on and off,discussion with other competitors lead to what tolerance do you use for your training zones.Do you allow 5 beats either side of your training zone or go for more to stop the alarm going off every 5 seconds.

In the low zones 50%/60% etc it is not as crucial but trying to maintain exactly at your calculated max aerobic level, in my case 143 bpm ,to stop going anaerobic is difficult.So do you have 143 as my top level,or go a couple a beats either side and hope to get an average around 143 or take a larger tolerance as the body does not kick into anaerobic as soon as you go above the Maximum aerobic point.

Thankyou for your time and no prizes for telling me to turn my alarm off of leave it behind!!!![:D]


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    turn your..oh..how did you arrive at your a/t? Not that that will affect tolerances, I am just wondering, also the point of training is to incr lactate tolerance, (a/t mostly being discredited as a measure) so this will be a moveable figure to a degree, as will the time one can remain at lactate threshold...which is more the point. I view my alarm as an indicator of progress & how I feel that day, if I am at l/t by my alarm but I feel goodthen Imhave a new l/t. Is any of this any help?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Thanks Britspin,my a/t or max aerobic point was arrived at by using the Conconni method.Due to injury over the past 18 months I can not train at higher intensity so at the moment I train constantly at 80%.(my run is slower,my swim faster,and the cycle is the hardest to keep at the 80% level).If I use a turbo trainer or treadwheel at the gym I can keep a constant level,but due to terrain differences any slope or change in surface creates a difference in the HR level causing the alarm to go off with boring regularity.

    I appreciate the need to increase lactic tolerance and go into the anaerobic zone,however my training at the moment is based on constant 80%,regular max aerobic function tests,and when I have stopped improving then go into more speed sessions to improve lactic tolerance.
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