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I am thinking of bad weather training on the bike..

Looking to get some Spinerval DVD's, but thought I'd check to see if anybody else has used them and how they would rate them..?

Also what one do you use (as there are soooo many of them...!)



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    bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    I use 2 spinervals specifically for ironman training

    No13 Tough Love - A 3 hour interval session

    No26 The Hardcore 100 - a 5 1/2 hour endurance ride

    Thoroughly recommended for long distance tri's.

    I also use "Flexible Warrior" by spinervals which is "Athletic Yoga for Triathletes" it includes 3 x 30 minute workouts for Energy.Power and Flexability.

    Can be used as 1 full 90 minute workout or 3 seperate 30 minute workouts which can be used for pre training warm up and post race recovery.

    Again thoroughly recommended.

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    Chris JChris J Posts: 71
    I utilise Rick Kiddle's coaching DVDs. Good for interval training, for me anyway.
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    MGMG Posts: 470
    One word, AWESOME, use spinervals loads during winter months and sometimes when I'm stuck at home (when wifes at work and nipper in bed!)

    I use Have Mercy, Time Trial Special, These are 2hrs and 1hr10min respectively and (if you push yourself) a very tough workout. I reccomend these DVDs as a staple part of anyones turbo training regime, heck, they helped me to a 61min bike split at london on sunday!!!
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    Have Mercy

    Guys wheres the best place to get these DVDs? Tried looking on amazon but they have none of the spinerval series in stock.

    Any other online retailers you can recommend?

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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Total fitness nottingham, got loads of spinervals, online store v good.
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    Another vote for Tough Love!

    I also 'like' Hillacious and the Aero Base Builders are good for recovery rides when the weather is bad as it is here at the moment.

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    Thanks for all the reply's...

    I have ordered "No Mercy" & "Time Trialapaloza" off TFN.

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    Well got my set of Spinervals this morning....

    Must say great service from TFN will defo be using them again.

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