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running injuries or want to improve run?

hi folks

am trying to organise a weekend Pose running clinic in Edinburgh area, ideally March 24/25 but maybe April 21/22.

I'm not on any commission for advertising (honestly) but just completely converted now by Pose running. techniques got me from injured total novice to Ironman finisher in just a few months, completely injury free! (fully agree this is not desirable/sensible way to progress but it's a long story...)

I'm a GP with sports medicine degree so you can be sure I researched it all very carefully before attending first clinic and now astounded with results, both myself and others present in clinic. seems such a shame that so liitle is known about methods here in UK

wealth of information at www.posetech.com

and if you want a really good laugh at how NOT to prepare for Ironman Hawaii, go have a chuckle at my stupidity. Please note, I' m definitely not recommending my crash course approach to anyone but the method really does work!


happy if you want to email me directly with any questions about Pose or may be interested in attending clinic

[email protected]


  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Its a pity your not having clinic in inverness.Id be there for sure. Ive read abit about pose and tried to use the limited info I have on it. running being my worst discipline, it would definetly help im sure.

    Does a couple of days cover everything or is it an on going thing?

    I hope to do my first half ironman this year but my running is causing me concern, as I seem to injur myself every now and then.
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    And Suffolk also.

    I have 'rigidus haladus' something like that. In both my bigs toes. This means I have restricted movement when running. So no matter how hard I try and how fit I get. I will not be as fast I used to be.

    I have heard the 'pose' can help this. Is that true?

  • gwencgwenc Posts: 5
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