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how did you turbo today?

hi guys, not got much of a response last post so think only 5 of us have turbo trainers in the tri world! how about posting your bike training for the winter with what your goals are for the coming season


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I hate turbo trainer. The only time I use it is when i get out for a ride and it really starts raining, I ride back home and finish on the trainer. But I find it so boring[:(].

    Nothing beats that outdoor feeling i guess

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    i'm turbo training every mornin thru the winter, i do it in front of the telly and am only doing short sessions to keep me interested[:)]
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Mine is in the garage, so no tv there. I guess thats for the best, I'd fall of all the time[;)]

    I prefer the atb through the winter to go to work, when possible.

    Maybe some programmed sessions to folow would be a welcome change.

    If someone would post his or her ideas here, I'd like to try them.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Every wednesday I do 60 km at 40 kmh or better then a club cycle on Sunday of about 100 - 120 km. As far as turbos go I'd advise the following :

    1. Use an old bike as the captured frame undergoing a constant & similar movement suffers

    2. Drink/eat as you intend to on the bike

    3. Record everything!!!!!! Heart rate, time, distance, speed max etc

    4. Experiment with position etc

    5. Get a good radio to stop boredom

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    RobRob Posts: 209
    Guys, follow this link to get some downloadable sessions from the TACX website.


    I'm just doing a couple of sessions a week at the moment (got one tonight) with a 2ish hr ride at weekends to keep me ticking over through the winter. I do them in the garage with a radio & limit them to no more than an hour to stop boredom setting in.
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