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Right I see there is a few of us using the beironfit for our training programmes.

which starts on the 4th January!.

so I thought I would start this post for us using the 30 week system.

I myself am doing the intermediate course.

I still need to lose just over a stone to get down to my fighting weight so to speak.

So please jump on the band wagon and we can keep an eye on each others progress.

also help each other out along the way if needed.





  • never2old,

    Count me in, intermediate looks good although I will hope work and life generally doesn't get in the way. Did the half Ironman last July (Cowman) and can't believe I've got a place for IMUK (first IM). Consistency is my problem, so that's my aim for the 30 weeks, far more than the results (if that makes sense).

    Can't wait for the 4th.

  • boodogboodog Posts: 18
    Where can I find the beironfit programme, can I get it online?
  • This may be a stupid question as I don't actually own the book as yet, brought it due to so many people raving about it on these forums. Should have it tomorrow.

    Has anyone just halved the training programs for a 70.3 races with success, or is there more to it than that?
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    competitve programme for me - at least to start with! Depends on finding all that time for training.

    I 'm also entering the Stratford Upon Avon marathon (26/4) Blenheim Tri (6/7) and the Cowman 1/2 IM (28/6) all leading up to ironman UK (2/8).

    I stick my weekly training plan on the fridge to make sure everyone knows what I'm up to and there's no surpirses when I trundle off on my bike first thing on a Saturday morning !
  • I'm doing the UK IM as well, did the 70.3 last year and loved it. Now just get fed up with my friends winding me up for only being a 'half' Ironman!

    I'm also using the Ironfit program, its a great book and looks like a really good programme. I'm going for the competitive one and am resolved to see it through - although may have to drop out the extra weights and pilates sessions as the season progresses and the 'core' sessions get longer.

    I am also substituting one of the weekly runs for an ergo. Partly because I have a history of bad knees and so 4 runs a week is pushing it, also because I come from a rowing background and just think Ergos are such a great exercise. I'll just keep to the same heart rate zones suggested in the programme but do them on the ergo instead.

    One question, when working out their zones - are people just using a %MaxHR as the book recommends? I always thought the proper way was to do % (MaxHR - MinHR) + MinHR, as this gives a better indication of your working HR. I know it may be seen as overly picky but it does give me quite different zones. Any thoughts?
  • first of all looks like a great start to the forum.

    Boodog best to order the book lot of info in there plus three training programmes to choose from you should easily get it in time for xmas.

    Grant smith I have looked but dont see how the programme can be halved as it is fully bassed on a full ironman.

    armstrong jack I see your point on the heart rateIdo use the average zones but was thinking of trundling to loughborough uni to get an accurate max and min if they do it but how much of a benefit would this make ?

    Robbie MK Hi robbie looks like there is alot of experiance in here.

    al_ford Looks like you maybe the one with the most experiance and the fittest by looking at your programme.

    I have only recently brought a turbo trainer and find it harder going as when out on the road is this the same alround ?

  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    never2old - not convinced I'm the most experienced. Does 2 x sprint & 2 x Olympic distance count?

    I've got a turbo trainer (cycleops fluid2) and it is also harder going than when I'm out on the road. Struggle to keep average towards 30 km/h on the turbo & I thought it would be easier than on road.

    50 mins is my boredom threshold a couple of times a week - sure as hell beats cold toes on a Saturday morning biking session.

    I did some hill sprints on bike & run during a shortish run/ride to find my max HR and use these to calculate my zones.

    Max HR run = 195 bpm

    Max HR bike = 187 bpm

    Seems strange that Mr Fink suggests 4 zones when most other programmes show 5 HR zones. I'll stick with Don Fink's zones and see how I get on during the first few weeks of the new year.

    Don't forget - week 1 starts 4th Jan when we're full of turkey and xmas pud!
  • al_ford I too have the cycleops fluid2 because I work shifts I get the chance to cycle infront of the tv what did surpise me here was the amount of sweat pouring of me lost 2 pound in an hour.

    starts on the 4th but isnt this a rest day[:)]
  • I'm getting Be Iron Fit for Chrimbo, it was recommended to me by a guy I met at Kendal Tri who had just done IMUK. He said that by sticking to Finks programme helped him finish in one piece!!!

    So what's the idea??? Are we entering how we're getting on, results etc????

    Just one question to you guys who have got the book, does it take a lot of time getting your HR's etc????

    Bring on January, I'm aiming for IMUK 2010!!!

  • Hi firefightergaz. put in how your gettin on your times your missaps etc .

    is the HR's for heart rate or hours [8|]

    I myself have got manflu and a virus at the moment so have not done nothing for about 3 days.
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    I've slowed down my usual 10km run to keep my HR (heart rate) in the target zone 2. Used to blast round in 45mins and now I'm cruising round in 50-55mins - I even have time and breath to say hello to the dog walkers.

    Seems really weird going for a run and 'taking it easy' trying to keep my HR down. I'll be interested to see if my time comes down within the same HR after a few weeks.

    Off to the bike shop today to buy myself some mudguards so I can go out with the Kenilworth Wheelers CC on weekends. Apparently, you aren't allowed to play without mudguards in the winter.

    A friend did IMUK'08 and recommended joining a cycling club to get the long rides in at the weekend.
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    i will def be joining a cycle club to get throught he long weekend rides. i was doing 6 hours on the turbo trainer towards the end of the training programmes. now that is boooooooooorringgg. even watching lewis hamilton winning races on a sunday morning didnt help to alleviate the boredom![:(]
  • I have a 10 mile loop I do on the bike on my own its like ah theres that rock again although a good loop with lots of hills did I say good?

    can get a bit boring after about 3 loops so I think you may be on to a good thing with the cycle club.

    think i might be gettin over the man flu so might try an hour running later with the HR monitor just to see how it goes.

  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    May I suggest web site www.aukweb.net Under calendar you will find LD bike routes fully organised by cycling clubs. They only cost £3-£5 to enter, are always attended by lots of cyclists & they are so friendly. You get route details (written directions), food along the course, check points so you dont get lost, & most important you get the distance in without to much hard work. I did a 200k route when I trained for IM Frankfurt which gave me the confidence over the IM distance, so have a look you may be surprised. Perhaps some of you can even meet up in one of the races to cycle it, not race it.
  • Just wondering if there are any budding Ironmen/woman in Cumbria? I live just outside Barrow, if anybody wants to hook up for lonr runs, rides etc.

    Bring on the 4th!!!!

  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    So it all begins on monday...with a rest day!! nice anticlimax

    which olympic and half races are everyone doing as a run up to IMUK??
  • I'm doing Wimbleball 70.3 again as well (did it last year). Its 1 week out of the recommended date in the book for doing a half so i'm just swapping two weeks around to make the training programme fit. I'm a bit lost as to what olympic to do though. One idea I have is to cycle over to Heron Lake (if its open), as a warm up. Then do the swim session around the lake, jump out onto one of their turbo trainers which you can arrange to hire and then do a run around the lake or something with a gps on. Either that or just do the swim in my local pool - nothing like a bit of improvisation!

    One question I had regarding the programme though, is whether my work commutes count for anything other than active recovery. Its only 7 miles and on and old town bike but I can have my heart rate in Z2 for lots of the cycling (apart from traffic lights and traffic) and it takes about 35 mins (through central london). Could I then count that as my cycle and then do the brick run from Wednesdays straight after it? Or should I just treat that as bonus and do all my cycling on the turbo/roads?
  • armstrong_jack

    I intend to use my run/cylce to work as part of my training at this stage. I don't think I will have this as a "bonus" but it makes sense (as Mr Fink suggest) to make use of the time available. Only when the distances get further will I perhaps use the run to work as a bonus but then run home via the distance required as part of the schedule.

  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Was considering wimbleball but have no money so that went out the window, so shall have to find another...

    As far as commuting is concerned i guess it depends on how you do it/are used to it

    Im used to commuting into uni every day so in terms of training it doesnt really provide any overloading for my body as Im doing the same ride, at roughly the same intensity day in day out. It is only 5 miles so is only really 15 mins depending on traffic so it wouldnt be much use anyway. I guess i f you want if you can find a long/30 min bike you can use this as one of your workouts, making sure you keep your heart rate in the right zone, but i dont fancy any longer than i have to in normal clothes with a rucksack on my back for a bike ride, so ill do it after. I also have the added benefit of being a student so have enough time on my hands to fit everything in
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    Day 1 - Week 1 - feel like cr*p, got a cold so no training today. I hope the couple of long runs I did over xmas will be an adequate substitute whilst I try to shake this cold off. I'm not swimming or going out in this weather until I feel better.

    How did the rest of you guys go on day 1?
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    swim was fine, pretty much what i do most of the time anyway with the club. run on the other hand was interesting trying to keep the hr down, but quite enjoyable otherwise! bit slipperly though....

    hope the cold goes away soon!
  • boodogboodog Posts: 18
    I too am suffering from the inconvenient "ironfit" cold so I've ditched the swimming this week. Running and cycling ok but finding it hard to keep the heart rate down. I've been using my run/bike to work as part of the base training for the competitive programme, however it means i have to run bike back again so I have a query.....do I run/bike back at the Z2 pace as per the training or do I just crack on as i did before ironfit and treat it as what would now be considered a Z3 to Z4 30min bike or 45min run. I don't have the option of car,bus or taxi and the only other option would be to walk! What does everyone reccomend? PS I usually end up working between 12 to 15 hours a day so i have to use my commute as part of the programme (no option to train during work time either).[&:]
  • Week 1 and so far no exercise. Work has thrown an unlikely blip on my schedule as well as the cold snap (don't fancy -5 degrees running thanks) however plan to complete four hours over the weekend and accept no swimming this week.

    (Not how you start but how you finish)
  • I'm surprised at the number of people who haven't even completed the 1st weeks training! The theory I set myself is don't miss 1 session throughout the whole programme (bar extreme illness - not just some cold you pansy!) then the motivation gets stronger as the weeks go on as you haven't missed a session and don't want to break your unbeaten record.

    Long work hours are no excuse, the total hours of training in the first week are 6, with an extra 1:30 for the 2 optional weights sessions. Thats just 1 less hours sleep a night for 6 days even if you are pulling 16 hour shifts at work!

    Come on people - motivation is the game. Every morning when you wake up at whatever dark o'clock with -5 degrees outside and want to reset your alarm for a bit later - just think to yourself: Ironmen wouldn't.

  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    sorry armstrong, i would have to disagree. i used the competitive programme last year and i didnt train if i had a cold. heard too many horror stories of people exercising with colds and ending up having a heart attack. i skipped quite a few sessions last year and i still finished a whisker under 13 hours. but i put that down to a knee injury, not a lack of training.

    boodog, i would try stick to zone 1 and 2 for the commute both ways. the whole point of the training plan is to get you to train at the zone you will (hopefully!) stay in during the race. stick to the programme and you'll be amazed at how fast you'll end up at a 'comfortable' pace/heart rate. i managed to complete london olympic in under 2 hours 20 last year staying in my zones 1 and 2 for the swim and bike. i upped it to zone 4 for the run asi was feeling very strong and comfortable and i was aiming to get under 2hrs 20 even though it wasnt really an 'a' race.

    for the record, my week 1 has been ok, no swims (but i'm cutting down on swims cos my swimming is good (fifnished the swim at last years ironman in about 65 minutes) and replacing them with runs. so far this week i've stuck to the plan and been very strict with the diet. i'm even testing my will power by having a snickers on my desk and willing myself not to eat it! been training on the bike before work, and splitting the runs between lunch and when i get home form work. it is cold, but once youre out there for 5 minutes it's very warm!
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    armstrong - agree if you just feel a but ropey or not up to it then just get out there and do it. AFter all we are training to HR zones which should take into account the fact we might not be on top form.

    jon_g - good to hear you did the competitive programe last year and posted a sub 13hr. I'll be reallly happy if I can get near that this year. As you rightly say if you feel ill ro sick then...STOP, REST and then start again when recovered.

    I think we all know the difference between can't be arsed, too cold and feeling ill.

    Just for the record, had a spin on the turbo yesterday and felt OK, so back to training today with a longish run.
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    Anyone think a sub-12 hour IronMan for my first one using the competitive program is completely unrealistic?

    Yesterday was fine, though the weights sessions can still be felt in the arm!
  • Well first week almost over and I'm definately an Ironfit convert/believer!!. I've really enjoyed doing the swim sessions as the way it's set out....wu, dr, main set etc etc breaks it up nicely for me. Swim technoique and body position was always my down fall; used to to just try and bash out the lengthes. I feel an improvement in my stroke, energy etc just from doing the drills.

    I've bought myself a Tacx Sirrius Gel turbo and it really has been a great investment. Having family/work commitments it's dead easy to just jump on in garage and cycle away.

    Somebody mentioned about keeping HR down in Z1 &Z2, try breathing in through nose hold for 3 secs and release for 4 secs, keeping your shoulders and chest relaxed.

    So all in all. If I feel this strong and confident after 1 week, in 30 I'll be unstopable!!

    Good luck to everyone else....and remember even if it is -5 outside or you feel tired.......IF IT WAS EASY EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT![;)]

  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    1 week in, hows everyone doing??

    just 29 left now....
  • Twisted my knee skiing at christmas and can't run or cycle yet, aiming to start on Monday. A good start I reckon ...
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