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What training have you done today?



  • danmtbdanmtb Posts: 3
    did 2x 500m in the pool

    10km bike rode

    5km run

    am absolutely knackered now
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Last night...

    Indoor climbing first time for a while - more enjoy able than weights

    This morning...

    Cross training - Rowing Rugby test (got it right this time)

    1000m row, 3:00r [align=left] [/align]750m row, 2:30r [align=left] [/align]500m row, 2:00r [align=left] [/align]250m row, 2:00r [align=left] [/align]750m row.

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    the nurse has been at it again !!!! [:D][:D]

    yesterday - swim (did half an hour of total immersion pracise followed by a coached session) more laps than I could shake a stick at

    this morning - weights (so sluggish to start but found my mojo eventually)

    tonight - spin class 45 minutes straight onto the indoor track (10k)

    have yet to follow DANMTB in doing a swim / bike / run as a brick ... but we shall give it a go soon

    madnurse (phil) [;)][;)][;)]
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Hi everybody - I see the volumne and intensity is going way up - keep up good the work

    Nice bit of swimming today...Managing to get more distance as my fitness increases and more importantly my technique improves

    4*50m (1min rest)

    1*150 (2min rest)

    2*100 (1min rest)

    1*150 (1min rest)

    4*50 (30s rest)

    and just made it back to the car before I had to pay for parking (result)

  • chischis Posts: 94

    Anybody found that the weather has affected their training of late? I know the last couple of days up here (North) have been good but he overall state of play in March was abysmal. My outdoor training has certainly gone to pot....or am I just being a wimp? The biking has suffered most - being a runner I will go out no matter what for that element but cycling on salty, gritty roads or slimy wet surfaces is no fun, especially when your back wheel twitches at the slightest hint of braking!

    Anyone feeling the same in my neck of the woods or are you all using turbo trainers?

  • ironroseironrose Posts: 5
    nope, my training has suffered as well but I have tried to play the weather game, changing long bikes to the sat if sun looks crap, that sort of thing, more turbo's etc as well.

    Tis all changed now, suns out and I am still sat in here typing lol!!
  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    hi guys

    Have to say the weather hasn't affected my training - I haven't done any sessions outdoors yet! Prob not until it definitely gets a bit nicer. However, the massive burst blister on my heel most definitely has! But I did do a swimming session on wed - again the 10 lengths breaststroke 4 FC for about 6 times and then I commandered a girl next to me who was swimming amazing front crawl and she gave me some good pointers as well as some drills to do with the float - mainly to get my breathing. It was good - so its coming on very slowly.

    Had two rest days - was feeling pretty exhausted and today did 10 mins rowing (2100 m) which felt relatively easy but I have been doing quite a bit of rowing and then did 14k on the bike - level 7 - also not too bad - tried to get on the treadmill - but my foot was in agony - so did 5 mins on the cross trainer (was going to do 20 mins but didn't feel it was doing anything for me - I wasn't that puffed out) so I did some weights instead.

    Have noticed that since I've not been doing so much running ie since I've been mixing my training up that I have put on a couple of lbs - it could just be muscle.

    Tomorrow - foot permitting - gonna try a run

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    is perpetually bad weather up around Manchester so dont notice it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyhow ... had two (2) [color=#ff0000]YES[/color] two (2) days rest ... that felt odd got a bit gym itchy yesterday

    today - practise mini tri ;

    swim ( 500m crawl in 15.50 had to push a few breast stroke now & then)

    bike (75 mins spinning cadence 75 - 100 ) ? no idea of distance

    run ( 10 km on 200m indoor track ... approx 40 mins )

    swimming still my sticking point but is improving, have starting experimenting with isotonic drinks so felt less drained/dehydrated than on previous brick sessions ... dare i use the word but it was actually a buzz doing it (more so completing it).... long way to go yet tho

    madnurse (phil) [:D]
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Weather affected me this morning had my first outdoor run scheduled today but as monsoon season has struck I had to chalk it....

    Will have to get up early enough to go to the gym on Wednessday so that if its raining I can still do something

  • AbboAbbo Posts: 2
    80 lengths swim and 35 mins interval training on bike in gym.

    a 'normal' bike ride looks a bit unlikely this week - I can deal with snow, hail and rain but a 30mph headwind takes the biscuit.
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Back to training after severe bout of cold and remaining head full of the usual congestion.

    11th leg of the Northern 12 stage road relays at Heaton Pk Manchester on Saturday plus warm-ups and warm-down. Really nice day for a change and a good club event - weather really made me feel like running!

    Weather more back to normal on Monday(27th) - back to turbo trainer (30 mins hard after warm-up and follwed by warm-down) in garage cos its chucking it down outside and blowing a gale!

  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Getting into it now, Sunday joined in with a local cycling club sunday ride. Only 84km! yes i did ache on Monday but rode to work anyway in the rain [&:] and wind.

    Today i have been really good, i can't go swimming tonight so i got up and went this morning, 20x 50m, 5x100m, 5x50m. Real good start to my day and so i intend to do the same again Thursday; if i can get out of bed in time![:)]

    I had to do some swimming asap as i had to try my newest aquisition: I have a lycra fetish and went to Primera on Sat to buy a trisuit[;)] but i had to go to the pool and try it out when there wern't too amny people around! The one i have is a Sugoi and it is very comfortable, you don't realise though the amount of water it retains and how heavy it is until you take it off. It is very snug (tight) but because of the cycle pad it doesn't show off the lunch box too much. Must go swimming again[;)][:D]

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Hello fellow training loonies

    Run this morning - first one outside this year so took it steady as I am expecting muscles to react badly to the undulating pavement rather than the nice smooth treadmill.

    Distance was about 4Km

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hello all of you out there in tri land [:)][8D][&:][:(][>:][X(][8|][:D][;)][:@][:'(][:o][:-][&o]

    yesterday - weights (managed a good session making good gains)

    this morning - swim

    1 x 250m breast warm up

    10 x 50m crawl (30 sec recovery)

    5 x 100m crawl (60 sec reovery)

    1 x 100m breast warm down

    cant say i swam cr*p on here so i shall meerly say i was not on par today - so i heeded ytriguy and others advice around over training as i have battered the hours recently & chilled for the rest of the day - stuffed face and chilled in preperation for another session tomorrow.

    madnurse (phil)
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Morning all...

    this morning...


    4*50 (1min rest)

    2*200 (2mins rest)

    1*300 (should have been a 3rd 200m but felt good enough to keep going)

    (2mins rest)

    2*50 (30s rest)

    felt really good this morning (sorry madnurse) loads of drills and stuff all fell into place felt really comfortable through out...even managed the bow wave thing to for a couple of strokes...Though I am not swimming a proper TI stroke as yet its certainly getting there.


    Loonytoon (Ian)

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hola !!!!

    good weights based session this morning (legs & delts)- felt much more energised than yesterday

    got my diary mixed up thought i was out this evening .. but no ! so i ended up running with tri club instead ... oh joy twinge twinge after training legs this morning in the gym ...

    [:-] madnurse (phil)
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Rode to work yesterday then swim this morning.

    350m warmup crawl

    4x100 30sec rests

    2x200 30 sec rests

    4x100 30 sec rests

    3x50 fast

    like all you guys i am trying to concentrate on my stroke, trying to create the bowwave and breathe in it. It starts off all right but everything goes to pot as i get tired, my head turns more and my feet sink which slows me down and make swimming harder[:)] and of course thats just a viscious circle.
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Wimped out this morning

    Indoor climbing last night left me sore [:@] and tired this morning so opted to stay in bed...

    will probably go for a short bike ride tonite if its not raining

    Loonytoon (ian)

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Thought I may as well join in, but am quite a bit behind as I onyl started triathlon training again after a 10 years lapse, (played rugby in that time), but restarted training for triathlon 2 weeks ago.

    Suppose this is a good motivator and diary.

    So last night did 5K on running machine (Is it me or is it harder?), got bored at 2.5km so turned it in to 3km not sure of pace, then 2 minutes sprints, and 1 minute recovery to take me up to 5K

    This morning: Swimming

    50m breast stroke warm up

    6 * 50m crawl at 80% pace with 1 minute recovery between each.

    300m breast stroke at 70% pace.

    This evening I have 7s rugby Training, which means lots of sprints.


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Seen as my legs where giving me a hard time yesterday, I thought I'd pay 'em back.... with a little bike ride this morning .... so I did a 60km bike ... really good so much harder on way back in as all into the wind and it was on the windy side of fecking drafty although not quite hurricane force .... some good climbs - the spinning classes really do make a difference !!!!

    i wanted to swim like an eel .. i think i would run like one if if i went out now [:D][:D]

    madnurse (phil)
  • Hey kids,

    had a rest day today but did a 6 mile run yesterday (30 mins zone 1 and 30 mins zone 2). Felt ok just need to keep running and swimming. Buying my 1st tri bike in just over a month and i am itching to buy it now, but know i shouldn't.

    Should be swimming tonight but the wife is off to Costa Rica for a month and i have to get up at stupid o'clock (3!!!) to drop her off at the airport. Will be swimming tommorrow though. No workm tommorrow, what bliss!!!!

    Might do a run after an a hour swimming.

    Have fun and don't over do it.


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Morning all,

    Swim this morning

    4*50m (1min rest)

    4*200m (2min rest)

    2*50 (30s rest)

    felt okay today...was thinking about the London deadline all the time... need to decide sprint or Oly

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Go for Oly.

    Friday is my day off from training. Yeeppeeee. Although I have the bug, and I don't want a day off.

  • just been out for a quick run, only 30 mins but it all dds up. Swimming later in a hotel pool near the airport as the airline made a mistake and the wife fly's to Costa Rica tommorrow instead of this morning. (She got a hotel for the night (well we did!!), all the meals and £440 CASH just for delaying the flight by 1 day) Its alright for some i tell you.

    Just going to concentrate on technique in the pool and try and decrease my stroke rate and increase my stroke length. Should be fun.

    Entered the London triathlon (Which will be my 1st event!!) Sprint distance (as i swim like a brick.lol)

    Anyone else doing the london tri?

    Keep training fellow mad people.


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    just back from the gym .. must have been all fired up from my entering the london tri ... did weights this evenng and pushed myself sooo hard ..... buzzing like a hornet with a rattle (whatever that means lol) - anyhow upshot is trained really well on chest & biceps ....

    observed a guy swimming crawl later (good technique, he made it look effortless .. the get !!!!!!) however it was useful as i think i picked up a few pointers ... lets see if i can put these into practise tomorrow)

    madnurse (phil) ...... still buzzin !!! [:D][:D]
  • jojojojo Posts: 76
    hi guys (it does seem like you are all guys - any girls training???)

    Anyway feet are feeling better now - so have been attempting some running - did a few sessions this week - but no swimming - I hate doing the swimming practise. Today felt good - I did 16 k on the bike (level 7) - took about 52 mins and then straight on the treadmill for a 30 min run at 12km/h.

    Apart from my lack of swimming (gonna do a session Tuesday - tomorrow is rest day - hooray) I've been upping my rowing which I always do before a run and I've been running at 12k/h instead of 11.5 - so I think its coming on slowly but surely.

    One last question - have been feeling soreness in my ankles when I do my run straight after cycling - it just feels tight - but goes soon after I stop as in finished. It's not that bad that I have to stop. Is it just the transition from cycling to running that is causing this - will my legs get used to it?

    Anyway glad you opted for the london tri madnurse Phil!

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hello all .. nice to see so much training in progress !!!

    [color=#6633ff]yesterday !! [/color]

    swim (with tri club) - time trials followed by skills session (many many lengths ... more than i care to remember .. which i think is good ??) 75 mins total (turns out the swim coach is a total immersion instructor as well so the skills session was invaluable ... much learnt)

    [color=#6633ff]today !![/color]

    bike (with tri club) - about 60km mostly hill work came back soggy and filthy but grinning my face off with steam coming off me (costa del warrington ... is a right little suntrap... oh no sorry its a climatic slit trench with 11 months of artic tundra .. i kid you not can be a bit chilly up ere) - gradually increasing my weekly distance (120 - 150 km) makes tri club sessions so much more enjoyable

    took a leaf out of paula radcliffes book and had a power nap after training today .. feel so much better for it .. may (when i can) do that again.

    madnurse (phil)......... so its all about london tri now !!!!!

    [8|] thought for the day - if triathlon was a sexual activity rather than a sporting one it would be deemed deviant to say the least ... then i want to be the marquis de sade !!!!
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Jo - I don't think cycling is as demanding on the lateral muscles surrounding the ankle as running is, you could try doing more off road running to build up those muscles. This will protect you and help you to retain your form as you get tired in the run.

    When cycling try to keep your feet parallel to the ground, this will work/stetch the Achilles tendon and the calf muscle. these need to be long for the start of the run. Try to start the run with a high cadence and short stride, allowing yourself to settle into your running before pushing ahead.

    That hated swimming will help to strengthen the ankles as well, use fins to build strength through resistance.

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Took an extra day off yesterday. So starting again today.

    Warmed up with 300m crawl

    6 * 50m crawl at 90% pace, 50 second recovery. (Recovery goes down 10 seconds every week).

    300m breast @ 70% pace

    Going to do a 5K run, with long hills tonight, at whatever pace I can manage.


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Another "feel" into the crazy world of outdoor training..man it was cold to start with

    a steady 8.5Km bike ride to get my legs(and back) used real cycling I am expecting the usual first ride stiffness.

    Now thats over the volume goes up....

    Also it seems that google maps and my cycle computer are pretty much in tune which is good

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