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What training have you done today?



  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    My final run before the Paris Marathon on Sunday. An easy 5km at marathon pace with a focus on keeping the heart rate low.

    Anyone else doing Paris?

    Anyone else doing Paris seen the weather report? 28 degrees C.

    I am now having regular panic attackes about Sunday.
  • Hey Guys - i think i put this in the wrong category... Any tips / advice would be greatly appreciated [:)]

    Hello to all you gurus, [8|]

    I am completely new to this triathlon lark and am entered into two this year, a sprint (400m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) and then 6 weeks later a slightly longer one (800m swim, 30k bike, 7.5k run). I am now 4 weeks out from the sprint triathlon and have not had any guidance so was wondering if i was on the right track... I have read soooooo much info on the internet that i am confusing myself especially as it mostly seems to be in technical speak for the professionals! [&o] Basically, I want to know what fitness level i should be at 4 weeks before a sprint triathlon and what are good entry level speeds. Currently i cycle 9km twice per day 5 days a week but on two of those days I run 8km instead of cycle (so that's 8 X 9km cycle and 2 X 8km run pw). I do the cycle on the roads in about 20 - 23mins and the run takes me 45 - 50 mins on the roads. I also swim twice to three times per week at 50 X 25m laps in 25 - 30mins and add in 6 X 25m fast laps. I occasionally do a longer ride but to be honest i've cycled to work every day for the past year and a half (used to cycle 20km each way but then moved closer to work) and i do not notice too much of a difference between cycling 9km or 20km. On the weekend i try to combine a cycle and run and sometimes i do this during the week too (but usually shorter distances). [&:] Am i doing enough? Not enough? I am getting a bit frustrated [:@]because i am waiting for that magical moment when it get's easy and i actually look forward to going for a run... but it hasn't yet hit me... In fact yesterday i stopped my swim early because to be honest it felt like i was swimming through sand... oh there's another question, should i be holding my arm out in front of me until my other arm gets there because i think i picked this up from one of those websites but that is very difficult for me...[:o]

    Another question I have is that I was towards the top of my healthy weight range when i started training and initially i was very careful watching what i ate etc and i think i stayed the same or maybe lost 1kg [:(]and so i gave up with all the giong hungry lark and am now eating what i would normally eat (which is pretty healthy i must say but includes a few treats...) with just cycling to work (no running or swimming) and i've actually put on 2 kg. why?

    I'm sorry to all the old hats out there [>:]- i know it must be tiring to see my lack of knowledge about your sport, but I do want to learn (I've just bought a new bike so that's a bit of a commitment...)


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