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Anyone doing IM Lanzerote 2008?

I see now that I have alot of fellow Brits doing Lanza next May.

Anybody from this forum community?

This will be my first full IM and 4 weeks into my 30 week schedule...losing so much weight may even get down to 14 1/2 stone by May!!


  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Not in 2008, but all I can tell you is make sure you do plenty of hill training, it is a very hard bike course, the sea swim can be rough, only because of the number of competitors and the run is flat along the promenade. It can be very windy on race day, IM Lanzarote is renowned as the hardest IM on the circuit, & they are not joking. Good luck and enjoy.[:D]
  • Yes I am doing this one.Looking forward to it.Starting training plan after Luton marathon next week 2/12/07.
  • Thanks Calima, i am trying to include as many hills as poss in my training as prep. the strong winter winds should also help!

    Dave boy, Nice to find someone else 'stepping into the breach' in May. Is this your first and are you following a set training program?

    I am trying my best to follow a training program from a book called 'be iron fit' which looked quite gentle on paper but not in reality.....got to watch that i don't overtrain as starting to feel permenantly tired, and this is just the base phase!
  • Dave Boy

    I didn't realise there was already a lanza thread.

    I also did Vitruvian back in Sept , my only half distance in 5 hr 22' so I am hoping to crack 12 hrs for the full.....am I deluded?
  • Great to see this thread. I'm doing IM Lanza too. Just in my base phase of my programme. It's my first Ironman as well. I'm looking foreward to it though. At least with every hill you've to go up on dthe bike you get to come down the other side!!! Can you rent bikes in Lanza or are you all bringing yours?? I'm just trying to decide at the moment
  • Swimming Brick must of just missed you at Vitruvain did 5.20.I am also looking for about 12 hours if all goes well.Yes this is my first Ironman and will be following a programme after the Luton Marathon this week2nd December.
  • Trihard, i am taking my own, I have made enquiries and most airlines treat as sports equipment at a cost of about £15 each way. besides, having spent hours of training on my bike I'm sure that a hired bike would feel too different on race day.

    Dave Boy, I am going to have to compare our splits for vitruvian and see where I need to improve to beat you...lol. I bet it's the swim, I had a sighting nightmare on the second lap swimming into the sun.

    Good luck for Luton. What time are you hoping for?

    I was thinking that it might be good if during the peak phase of our training, a few of us could get together for a 5-6 hour ride on a similar terrain to Lanza. I certainly don't mind travelling anywhere in UK to do this. Any ideas?
  • Ya I've decided to take my own too. I think thats a great idea about the training ride on similar terrain. I'm in Ireland though so if anyone from Ireland doing Lanza is on here and is interested in doing a similar training spin somewhere over here I'd be very interested in hearing from you. Good luck with luton dave. I did my first marathon a few weeks ago in dublin. Tough but enjoyable.

    I've read that beIronfit book too. Took a lot of great stuff from it.
  • Thanks looking to do 3.10 if all goes well at Luton.Swimmimg brick my swim is rubbish.The long bike ride sounds good I also can travel, can also do weekdays better than weekends.
  • pacmanpacman Posts: 109
    Hey tri hard I did Dublin mararthon aswell - how did you do??
  • Anyone got any good swimming endurance sessions.Finding pool swim a drag can,t wait for lake swimming to start again.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Yeah, open water swimming, best thing there is. But since Idon't want my head to freeze off,[X(], I'll just stick to the pool for some more time. I guess we live in the wrong place of the planet to enjoy open water year round.

    If only I could get some polar bear skin.[8|]
  • hi pacman

    I did a 3:59 in dublin. was my first marathon. I went out a bit fast 1st half 1:28 and suffered a bit with a recurrence of a calf injury from mile 10 on. I had just wanted to get a marathon under my belt before lanza. How did you do?

    As for the open water swimming, I swim in a lake (In Ireland) every friday. It's really refreshing!! Cold is only a state of mind!! If ya get a dining hood, gloves and booties I think it'll be possiable to swim all year round.....I hope...ask me again in april
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I can see why your name is TriHard!!!

    Can you see why mine isn't BennyHard, but simply Benny???lol[;)]
  • Tri hard were do you get your hood from and booties?
  • I got them in a small shop over here that does diving gear but i believe you can get them in any outdoor/surf/dive shop. CSR is the brand i use. I just goolled it here's the link to their website


    I use the neoprene hood and sharkskin glove with my normal wetsuit. I'm thinking of getting one of those base layers for wetsuits.
  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    Where are you based in Ireland TriHard? A friend of mine is doing Lanzarote. I was supposed to do it, my wife is due around then so had to put it off.
  • I'm from east Galway, Just outside a place called Portumna. Do my swimming in the lake in Loughrea though
  • What a nightmare, lost a whole weeks training through suffering with a chesty cold. feel so guilty for missing so much training but have trained through a cold before and suffered for months after because of it .

    The race is still 24 weeks away so i'm hoping that a week or so lost, won't make too much difference to my race performance.

    I have been following the 'be iron fit' intermediate program and have lost half a stone in the first 5 weeks.

    The problem now is that with my week off, I'm lacking the self control to kerb my eating ('feed a cold and starve a fever' and all that bo***cks)

    I think that that is one of the beauties of ironman training....you can eat as much as you like and still lose weight!!!!
  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Dave Boy, you were after swim endurance schedules. Try & find a book called Triathlon Training - Swimming by Steve Tarpinian. It has 3 schedules one of which is a 16 week L/D program for Ironman race. Together with the other topics in the book you will be able to write your own program, i.e say 400 warm up, 10 x 50 drills (very important) and then add on the scheduled main set, Finish by doing paddles/pull buoy, IM leg sets + warm down. I would suggest once a week an over distance swim, set in minutes not always in metres, speed will come. As for o/w get yourself down to the sea, yes it will probably be cold, but it will do you good getting use to the currents & swell, English lakes will be very cold in April to.[8D]
  • ardkeenardkeen Posts: 152
    I'm based in Skibbereen, West Cork. Too far really to organise any long cycles. Best of luck with your training!
  • Calima thanks for the info on it now.Sea swimming will give it a go.When are we strating the long bike ridesSwimming brick.
  • Well started the training plan first 3 hour bike ride today weather cold but sunny run tonight.Swim plan starts tomorrow.Has anyone else started yet?
  • First full week of training for Lanza.Just got back from 90k bike ride cold and windy but dry.Anyone else started yet?
  • Ya I've started dave boy. I'm 5 weeks into base phase. Just getting as many miles in as i can. Just back from 30k cycle there. Going for a swim now. I'm finding I'm getting in the running ok (about 70k a week) and the swimming (5 pool 1 open water sessions) but am finding i've missed my share of bike time over the last few weeks. Had things on with Xmas and all and couldn't get out for my weekend spins and could only get some short spins in during the week to makle up for it. Starting to get bored with base training now though. Can't wait to kick it up a gear in the new year.
  • Well done.Sounds like Iam a bit behind schedule.Have you planned any early races?My next one is Watford Half marathon.
  • How ya dave boy?

    I've no definate race plan yet but I am doing a 10k road race on the 26th and thinking of a half marathon in connemara in april. And an olympic tri on the 4th of may in Limerick but just use this as training.

    I might be a bit ahead but i need it!! I'm only training since may. Last season was my first season in Tri. Done two olympics in end of season so a bit of a novice!
  • Top man second season and doing Ironman.How is the out door swimming going?How did you get on with your olyimpic tri's?
  • Ya seccond season and doing an IM. Kinda had it in mind to do an IM when i got into tri's. I done my first oly in 3:03 and my last one in 2:50. I was just getting into training then. Before that I was a cigarette smoking hard working unfit hotel manager!! I'm hoping for a 10-11 hr IM in lanza what are you aiming for? The outdoor swimming's going ok. Missed last friday because of christmas party but hope to get two swims during the week off now though!!!! It's a bit cold though!! How did your marathon go?
  • Would love to hit 12 for Lanza but aim is to get round.Marathon was on a three loop was on time up to the second loop then all went down hill did 3.22 was looking for 3.10 slower than last year, mind you weather was high winds and rain.Roll on Lanzarote
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