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Anyone doing IM Lanzerote 2008?



  • Hi, Dave Boy and TriHard,

    Hope you had a good xmas. sorry not been on for a while....too busy training lol

    I'm now at the end of my 9th week of 30. Been trying hard to stick to training schedule which has been quite hard at this time of year.

    came off my bike for the first time last sat going around a tight corner. luckly only minor injuries to both me and more importantly my bike!

    Dave boy, as far as the long rides together are concerned, I was thinking of leaving it until the peak period, near the end of April 5.30 -6 hrs on similar terrain to Lanza. My father-inlaw reckons that the south downs around Eastboune, Beachy head and Alfiston has lots of steep climbing and fast descents. Could even fit in a sea swim before!
  • End of April sounds good.Remember be carefull on them roads.
  • Great training week.Started distance swimming in the pool.Bike and run mileage all gone up.Plenty of hilly distance work.Anyone else?just looked on Lanza site only 100 places left.
  • I also had a full weeks training, Ran 40 miles, cycled 85 miles and swam 5.6 kms. That's my base training finished, start Build phase tomorrow. A well earned rest day today!

    Just checked the Lanza web site, now just over its' limit. 20 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!
  • Sounds like your well on tack well done.Just booked Friday and Sat 8th Feb in Ashbourne.Gonna go round the Ashbourne duathlon bike route.Did the race last two years one of the toughest duathlons I have ever done.Entered again this year in April.
  • I've heard that's a toughy. I'm assuming that the Feb visit is just a ride around.

    I spoke to a friend who has done Lanza twice (and doing it a third time in May), He recommends the IM UK 70.3 course as a good training ride as very hilly. Fancy a trip to Devon in March?
  • Yes it is a tough one this is my third one.The training session up there is to take a friend around so he is prepared for the race.March sounds good just send info and date.
  • Dave Boy

    i have also entered Watford Half so we may have a head-to-head sooner than we thought!!!

    I had a bit of a slack week training this week. done no running at all. I went out last sunday night and did a long run on tarmac and forgot to put on my shin splint bandage. as soon as I finished the pain started. Then Tuesday I developed foot pain to my left foot on the outside, opporsite the arch.

    Feels ok now and will risk a short run tonight.

    What i did manage this week was three swim sessions each of 3000m. The last session was a straight swim, which was 150 lengths of a 20m pool which I completed in 68 mins. Quite chuffed as this is the furthest i have ever swam in one go, although I realise not very fast.

    Went out for a long ride yesterday and got a puncture. Perversely I was quite chuffed as at last I could try out my CO2!

    Couldn't believe how many bits of flint I dug out of my tyres this morning. It's testiment to my kevlar tyres that I didn't have more puntures.

    Anyway hope everybodies training is going well. 17 WEEKS TO GO!!!
  • Watford sounds good will have to arrange to meet up.Looking for 1hr 20.Training going well.Counting the weeks.
  • I'm Gutted, got my application for Watford back today stating that it was full up.

    I wouldn't have been able to compete with your 80 mins. The heart rate run training I have done in my base training has slowed me right down. I seem to be about 30 secs slower per mile.
  • Yes it is a busy race.Milton Keynes 1/2 is another good one flat and fast but it also fills up quick.
  • How is all your ironman trainining going?I have just enlisted help from Mark Kleanthous.He has completed 29 Ironmans and Competed in Lanzarotte twice.His web site is www.ironmate.co.uk

    Just got back from 3hour 30min bike ride weather sunny and warm(but for how long) Brick session tomorrow then 2 hour run Saturday.
  • Can't beleive this weather sunny again.4 hour bike ride today bite to eat then 1K loops tonight.Swimming three times a week 2500 mtres every time is this enough swimming?
  • Hi Daveboy,

    I had a gloriously sunny 60 mile ride today. It was nice not to have my steed splattered in mud!

    I think that your amount of swimming is fine. I've just gone up from 2 sessions of 2500 to 3 of 3000m per week.

    Did a straight 3000m swim last night and it took 62 mins. so I feel that I am getting there without the 5 sessions a week that some people seem to quote.

    Good luck at Watford tomorrow, wish I was there. Have to make do with my 75 min scheduled run.
  • Well done on the 60 mile bike.Just did Watford 1.24.Hard day high winds and hills what a combination.Slower than last year but felt strong and more left in the tank after.Roll on May. Anyone got a DVD of Lanza? Anyone taking the family?I am taking wife and two girls plus 3 other friends.We are staying just outside Porta de Carmen.Hotel is a RUI hotel.Stayed there last year very nice.We arrive on the wednesday before the race.So if anyone is doing the same and wants to share a cab over to registration at Lasanta on Thursday give me a call.
  • Daveboy,

    There are quite a few clips on you tube showing the last few years.

    I am also taking wife and 2 kids and staying in Puerto Del carmen. i arrive 10 days before the event to hopefully acclimatise.
  • Cheers will have a look.We will have to meet up over there.When are you going to register.I will be going Thursday.Off to Peak district tomorrow for two days of hill running and bike.
  • Hope you had a good trip.

    I did a 4 hr ride this morning and covered 73.5 miles at an average of 18.5 mph. Quite pleased with myself, the training is definately coming together....I think!

    Check out 'lanzarote ironman 2007 (3/4)' on you-tube. Good footage of the cycle route
  • Great weekend loads of bike and run sessions.Big week this week Monday Swim hour run Tuesday 90 mile bike Wed Swim then brick sessions in gym Thursday 1Hour 30 turbo then 1 hour run.Weather here is perfect.Hope all your your training is going well?
  • Missed three days training due to work/cold this week although with tomorrows run will still have clocked up just under 8 hrs. last couple of weeks have been around 13 hrs each. Wife is starting to get the right hump. Keep promising her that it's only until May and she is getting a holiday out of it.

    I'm still losing weight only about 4lbs to go to my target weight for the race. People at work are starting to comment now on my new slimmer lookwhich is great because i can drop Iron Man into the conversation!!

    What glorious weather for a long ride again today. did a hilly 50 mile loop today. It is funny the way you get used to doing long hours on the bike. I said to the long suffering other half this morning,"it's only a three hour ride today" ...and I meant it

    Keep training
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    The Swimming Brick wrote:

    What glorious weather for a long ride again today. did a hilly 50 mile loop today. It is funny the way you get used to doing long hours on the bike. I said to the long suffering other half this morning,"it's only a three hour ride today" ...and I meant it

    You'll get really popular by saying things like this[:D]. They'll all love that guy who seems to have a bike glued under him[;)].

    On the other hand; this is the attitude you need. Keep it up[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image]
  • Well done swim brick sounds like all going well.Just received a great DVD called What it Takes about four elites training for Ironman champs.Great to watch while on the turbo for two hours.Question for all got a choice to do Ashbourns duathlon 12K run 40K bike 4K run very hilly race or Stratford marathon both same weekend.Both in April?
  • Gone a bit quiet on this one lads.Come on how is all your preparation going?Just got back from a 100 mile bike today.Getting close to open water swim.We have a great lake next to us hope to be in next month.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your kind (I think ) comments benny

    Dave Boy, I think Ashbourne would be more beneficial and the marathon will just set your training back because of the recovery time...so I've read!!

    How long did the 100 miles take?

    I went out with a local cycling club yesterday (Medway Velos) for a 3:30' ride. I found the pace too easy. However, it was the first time that i have cycled in a group and found that quite challenging, especially staying on the hoods rather than aero bars for the whole ride.

    I ended up coming off twice on right hand turns due to slippery conditions and too higher tyre pressures......oh the shame of it
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    The Swimming Brick wrote:


    Thanks for your kind (I think ) comments benny

    They were ment in a friendly way.[sm=kiss.gif] [:D]

    Keep up the great work everyone[image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m6.gif[/image]
  • Swim Brick took abot 6 hours maybe just over wind behind all the way and coffee break.As for Ashbourne looks like it's the one thanks for advise.
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Hi all training going up.Milton Keynes half yesterday 1.24 nice easy run 7th in age group.Anyone else do MK or any other races?
  • Nice one Dave Boy. I've been bed ridden with proper man flu and so my total training for last week was 2:40.

    Went out for an hours easy ride today, although in hindsight it may have been a mistake as I'm now feeling rough again. Work will dictate that I wont be able to train much this week so I may just rest until Saturday and resume properly from there. It's just sooooo frustrating
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Sorry to hear your not well Swim brick.Don't rush back to early better to fully recover and then come back strong.I have put lake swimming back till last week in March.You are welcome to join us lake is about 2 miles round outside and very clean.We will be swimming Mon wed Fri then on Saturdays we will be doing long swim followed by hilly bike.Swim brick not sure if you are close to us but you are welcome along.
  • Well back fighting fit again. Cycled 85 miles in 4:15 on sat and ran 11 on Sun so back in the groove.

    Thanks for the offer Daveboy but I am in Kent. Although saying that, if it was to be a long (5hr +) hilly ride after the swim on a Sat, it may be worth the trip!

    I doing the Stokesley dualthlon the last weekend in March,( which incidently, according to my training schedule, should be when I do a middle distance race. But far too early in the UK race season for that !!) but after that would be good.
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