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  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    What is with you youngsters and heavy metal music(yes I saw the letter in Cycling weekly).I tried it once on my turbo but the needle kept jumping out of the grooves on my LP due to the vibration.Anyway with costs are we talking one off race expenditure or including start up costs e.g basic kit such as bike ,running shoes,etc.Race costs only i.e accomodation,flights.entry fee,and I am including my partners costs here as well so about £800.If you want start up costs I do not want to think about it but my bank manager insists on reminding me at regular intervals.But it is not only a hobby for me but a lifestyle statement I could easily spend more.The biggest investment in Ironman is time and there can be no gift more precious than time.If I can get between 5 to 7 hours training in a week then I consider it a good week.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Regarding costs I was referring to a newcomer to the sport - I mean to do an Ironman the basic costs are entry, Transport & accommodation after that as complete newcomer I had to buy a HRM, wetsuit, decent runners, & swimming pool membership. OK I coming from rowing I had a lot of kit and through my job I have limited access to a pool - but I'm just masking the remark that the decision to do an Ironman comes at a price (the bottom line IS up to the individual athlete) but I reckon even that if easyjet did ironman that there would not be much change from £1000!

    Jon E, youre quite correct I'm from sporting background and have had alittle funding to assist my previous earnings. Also

    my bank manager ( an ex- international rugby aspirant) is benevolently tolerentis into all sports so the life hobby border is vey blurred. But the point is that coming from 20 years of rowing the costs of doing a one-off event are alittle shocking! Ultimatley you 're right it can be done through guile, lendage and goodwill for under £1000, but its amazingly expensive! ps thanks for the allusion to CW Poirot! Anyway best of luck and look forward to puttinting whatever CHF to my ironman account when I buy you a beer in Zurich. Must go now its my mother's birthday (ps I'll be impresseed if you can work out her age!!!!)
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    ps Sorry for the typing errors - I' m tired, it's late and I hit the wrong button before I submitted the last piece! Forgive any yuap (typo) !! errors and if the sentiments came across as conceited horseshite then put it down to over trining! Thanks for all the advice, encouragement and our semi-private blog brothers!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    I can totally concur with your comments regarding costs but the way I look at it , is if you do not like it ,costs can be re imberssed by selling your gear after the event which would be a shame.How many people do you know that have said 'never again' after a sporting event only to do it the following year.Personally I take into account travelling time and from home to the start line in Zurich takes less time than home to the start line in Sherbourne if I was to do the uk mdot event.You mentioned easyjet again its a personal thing but I avoid budget airlines like the plague(there is a thread on the forum regarding travel to and from events)You get what you pay for.I think it was 3/4 years ago that Ryanair put an embargo on bikes without telling the pax who had expected to go to Klagenfurt.Others will charge the earth,check first and when the booking clerk says yes ensure its down on the booking form.Even with a hard case and bubble wrap my wheels usually end up bent due to an over eager baggage handler.The bike service is good and there are a couple of good shops in Zurich if neccessary.The beer sounds good and it would be rude to mention a ladies age.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    good morrow to all,

    costs - including the missus £1300 for entrance flights and accomodation. refusing to include the bike etc as i know that i could have spent less but you see the nice shiny things in the shop and then your bank balance crumbles.

    treefrog - my technique has actually improved i think as both legs hurt equally instead of just one really hurting and the other not.

    i was skiing in switzerland last week and i am happy to say that they have warsteiner on tap. two of those and i will be asleep.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Hope the skiing went well, glad to hear that both legs are hurting ... if you know what I mean! My swimming has really progressed I'm comfortably doing a 1 km swim twomornings a week, and have also decided to incorporate a 2.5km swim into the programme. Must go now I've just been called on to do something
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    just done my first swim since before xmas.

    my god, how quickly do you lose any form of stamina and technique that you have built up?

    it has certainly scared me into getting in the pool.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Don't worry it's not lack of fitness or stmina its lethargy - your body isnt used to swimming but it has not forgotten about it. I f you have a good training / endurance base you will not lose fitness, although you may not be quite as sharp. Go ahead trust your body jump in and swim,cycle and run you'll be fine!
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    has anyone had a reply from Mdot yet re confirmation of entry?

    do we get a goody bag before the race with all the course details etc?

    i suppose they will just tell us to use the website.
  • Guys, I'll join your 'private little club' if I may as I've also entered IM Switzerland for the first time this year. In fact, it is also my first IM so trying to absorb as much about the race as possible from those that have done it previously. I haven't done an IM, but have been tri-ing, running and riding for a while now.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    G'day and a windy one at that.Steveo your confirmation of entry is your name on the starting list.Go to the Ironman.ch website and look under starters.At registration you get all the goodies including race details so do not worry,if you have any questions there is a kiosk where you can confirm any doubts,any changes are put up outside this kiosk.The race briefing is there to clarify all the details that are in your handout when you register.At registration you are usually given race details,race numbers,kit bags,and freebies,plus timing chip unless you are using your own.Hope this helps.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Hello everybody and welcome to imcgibbon. I've had a good weeks' training apart from sustaining minor damage to my boat - but its repaired now. Anyway I topped the week off with 4 relentless hours on the bike yesterday on the club cycle, most of it into the wind or up draggy hills or both!

    I took your advice and booked accomadation through Nirvana Europe, and have booked my flights with Aer Lingus ( the antidote to Ryan Air!!)

    Next question ; apart from the excellent articles in this months 220 where would I get a good race day nutrition plan ie What to eat & drink during the race, and when to take it and what to avoid. Part of the reason I cycled so well yesterday was due to 4 Nutrigrains and the bottle of SIS.
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    HI TREEFROG - migt be worth checking the IM CH site & seeing which drinks company are sponsoring your race. no point getting your digestitive system all fired up on SiS to get there and find the race is supplying High 5. & lets face it your aint gonna carr enough fluids for the whole race so you will be somewhat reliant upon refuelling at some point esp on the run. As for foods now is the time to experiment a little and see what works (& more importantly doesnt) for you whislt on the bike.

    all the best with your trainig and the race itself

  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    welcome and hello.

    aer lingus are definitely a far better bet than ryan air even if they do cost a little extra, at least your bike should arrive in one piece.

    training this weekend was good. started on friday night with a good hill session on the feet. 7.5 miles in less than an hour, saturday was rugby and then sunday was a horrific but brilliant (i know that would not make sense to most people but i am sure you guys will know what i mean) 110k on the bike. the phrase up hill and down dale would not do it justice.

    head winds hate me!!!!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Frosty greetings to one and all if it gets any colder I am going back into hibernation until May.Nutrition will always be a personal thing some of the athletes I know have a cast iron stomach and can eat what and when they like others like myself eat then reconstitute it all over the pavement,trainers and anyone in a 5 meter radius.After 8hours it all seems the same.I use SIS and take that with me when I race irrespective of what the race supplies thats why you can utilise the special needs station, as it is a lapped course you can top up when you pass it if you do not want to use the race supplied nutrition,there are plenty of aero bags on the market to strap to your bike.They supply water at aid stations so that powder can be readily mixed to your own requirements.

    Hope that Steveo has found his entry confirmation I am having trouble with a couple of on line entries for this years races at the moment,money gone and no receipt.

    With the number of hits this thread is getting we could start a reality TV show.Anu budding TV producers out there.

    Still snowing so going back to sleep(which is really bad as I am at work).
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    funnily enough JonE, i checked the website and my name was not there!!! i am going to give it til the end of the month and if it is still not there i am going to nirvana europe's offices and pulling someone for it and i do not mean taking them to the cinema.

    how's the training going in the snow?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Steveo hi,as the entry list is full get in touch with the firm that you entered through now as they have obviously not fullfilled their side of the contract,all you need is proof of payment ,they might try to give you an excuse and fob you off but,if they do some adverse publicity would not go against you.I hope they come good and find your entry.

    I do not mind the snow as I enjoy running cross country but I loath cycling in the wind hopefully I will be able to get out again at the weekend.If the weather stops you from getting out just vent your frustration on Nirvana Europe.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Good morning . Sorry to hear about the confusion over your entry, I really hope you get this sorted out. I've just booked my accomadation with nirvana and they have an ad' in the current 220! I hope tey're not a fly by night cowboy outfit. Keep us all informed (including the powers that be in 220.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    thanks for your concern.

    i will email them today and see what reply i get. will let you all know.

    i wondered about the advert in 220 myself!?!?!?!

    to reassure you treefrog - they do appear to be a reputable outfit and that is one of the reasons why i am still quite relaxed about the situation.
  • Hi All. Food for IMS is Powerbar products, which is good and bad for me. Good in that the gels go down quite well (I'll need plenty of those suckers on the run!), bad as in the bars don't. Haven't tried the drink as yet. Pretty mass market stuff so should appeal to most. Speaking to a guy who has done a few IM Austria, he always tries to eat normal food on the bike as after a while bars & gels get a bit much. I tend to agree so will try normal food on the bike in training (perhaps a few donuts...??).

    Going back to an earlier post about how much these things cost (entry, accomm, flights, gear) it's simply best not to think about it (and certainly don't tell the other half).

    You guys want wind? Come to Holland where the wind blows every day of the year....a bit of snow & ice too just for fun. I'm very good friends with the indoor trainer.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Now here's an honest question : How do you use a number belt? Do you pin the number onto it with safety pins or are there some sort of clip attatchments on it ? My brother sent me one and basically all it is is elastic with a ladder-lock buckle.
  • AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    Giday to you all!! I just wanted to say that I admire all of you for doing ironman and I hope to be joining you in a couple of years. I've got to start with the small stuff first.

    The number belt?? I am not a fan. The on i have has to bits of elastic sticking out the front that go through holes in your number then there are fastening bobbles that attach the the end of the elastic sticky out bits.

    I used it on sunday and found that the thing just annoyed me as the number just flapped around in front of me.

    If anyone has any other advice for the use of a number belt it would be much appreciated.

    Thanx and good luck!!!!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Number belts!!! it is always the simplest things that annoy the most .Bet if I asked you what the chemical formula for EPO is you all would know.

    Easiest way ,after trial and errorand ripped numbers is either

    1.if you are given two numbers then fasten them back to back with safety pins at each of the four corners then slide your belt in the gap between the number can easily be moved from the back(cycle) to the front (run).

    2.Or a safety pin in the top two corners then attach it to the belt between the adjustable bobbles on the elastic cord and the belt.Helpful or have I just made things worse,I also expect you will get one with the race info at registration.As for nutrition at IM Austria last year a number of bikes in transition had giant pretzels attached to the areo bars.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    hello to all.

    just been for a nice lazy swim and still managed to knock 1500 in 28 mins feeling very pleased with myself[:D]

    treefrog - have you heard anything from nirvana as i have emailed them twice and got no response?[:@]

    pretzels are a bit too salty for me like the idea of riding my bike and eating doughnuts though.

    powerbar is not a friend of mine i prefer the GO stuff but will have to get used to it i suppose.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I still can't work out the number belt thing ... but I'll perservere.

    Regarding Nirvana, I emailed them yesterday about a receipt for the accomadation deposit. I got a very prompt reply assuring me that everything is good and that the receipt will be (Royal) mailed to me this week. I definitely got the impression that they were in the middle of getting the paerwork done.

    Just to remind you all its 5 months minus 1 day today!!!!

    I'm about to start the next phase of my programme - I have one more sculling race (3rd Feb), after that I'll only (officially anyway) be in the boat once a week, the rest of the time will be swimming, cycling and running longer distances/times. I'm looking forward to it... I THINK.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    just got a response myself. assuring me that i will have my confirmation tomorrow. so fingers crossed.

    my rugby will last until the beginning of april and so will be cramming all kinds of base miles in until then.

    number belts - i have two. the first one i got was one with elastic bits and bobble things (put holes in the number paper then thread through) however you cannot wear these under wetsuit as they will tear the suit.

    i got a second one which has large presstuds. essentially take the top of the press stud off place paper over recipricoals then push presstud back on. these can be used under wetsuits as everything is very thin and so will not tear your suit.

    not a very good description i know but you get the gist of it.
  • AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    I know what you mean about the description. I found it hard too.

    I thinks I'll cut those elastic thingies off and pin the number to the belt. I didn't know that those bobbles could tear the suit. I'll definately get rid of them.

    Thanks for all the advice and I will be looking back at this thread when I get to do Ironman in a few years.

    By the way happy Aussie day to anyone who has an affiliation.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69

    it is official, the worry is over the training can carry on!!

    just got my confimration through. stevie is in.


    see you at the lake in june
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Great news, it must have been difficult to motivate yourself with that element of doubt in the back of your mind. Now use this confirmation to put in a quality weekend's training.

    I got off to a bad start today - I overslept and missed my 1km pool session, but the sleep probably did me more good. This evening I have a 30km run on the cards and then a short sculling session tomorrow before a reliability cycle (its an unofficial race i'm told?) on sunday. Next week is an easy week and then I start the big programme!

    Good luck to EVRY IM CH "blogger" and I look forward to hearing /reading from you on Monday morning. ps Happy Friday (the best day in the world)
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Good morning everybody, I survived a weekend's training. Friday saw a 30 km run (3x 10km loops) - yes I decided to do it that way. They went well 52 min per loop so a total time of 2.36 - actually 2.39 as there was a bit of a run to the actual stat point! On Saturday I got out in my boat for a 35 minute paddle, and then yesterday I did a reliability run. I cycled vey well but missed the decisive break then I went like a mad man and lead the chasing group into the finish, happy with my fitness but annoyed about my lack of tactical nouse!

    I hope all you guys had a productive weekend and that your training went well. I did meet one chap who is preparing for IM Austria and he is having a rough time, both mentally & bodily, and is just so negative about everything: This served to highlight the importance of good steady training and of the importance of self praise

    after completing each session.

    So lets use this opportunity to blow our own trumpets!
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