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Iron Man switzerland



  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Treefrog,Steveo,Turtle, thankyou for your kind words of thanks in this soulless world it is not often that people say thankyou.I am quite sure you all enjoyed the experience and learnt that an Ironman is 90% mental,8% nutrition and 2% spent grinning as you race round the course.If anybody is still reading this encyclopedic work it is only 52 weeks until the next Ironman CH so get your entry forms in now before it fills up.If and a big IF my knees ever get fit I may be there.Take care.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Sorry to use the forum like this.... but SteveO I'm on for Lough Neagh and will call you this coming week
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