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Iron Man switzerland



  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    My condolencies and thoughts to you , your family and friends.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    For what it's worth there is due to be a tribute to Tom on the triathlon ireland web site soon.

    Anyway life goes on hope training is going well, I'm a bit down but am still managing to turn out the miles, more later!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Tom's tribute is now on the triathalonireland website with some links to other sites with other tributes to him - I urge you to look at them , if you have time. Anyway life goes on I set out to do a 85% 30 kM on Friday but got 10kM done and realised that I need a few days off, so I'm fulfilling my family duties this weekend and going to my niece's christening! so I 'll not be regailling you with tales of mega training - possibly of tales of anti training as there will be a Guinness or two to be had!! I'll report on Tuesday.

    Anyway I really do hope that training and recovery are progessing - keep our blog up it really does keep me going.

  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29
    Hi treefog. I filled in for you this weekend. 176km bike (two laps of 88km). This, including my water refill took almost 6hours, and then another 55min for a 9km run... jog. I run slower than molasses in January. Running after the bike was a shock. I should have been training like this weeks ago! I took 5-7 weeks off the running and then came back slowly due to some foot pain... and I think I know what it was. My "new" running shoes. Really didn't get good service from the big sport goods chain where I got these. I'll never shop at one of those places again. Hopefully, I can boost my performance in the next six weeks. I was surprised, coming off the bike, how incredibly slow I felt, and my knees were so sore off the bike, they actually started feeling better after running awhile - that's a first.

    Hope you enjoyed the Guinness.

  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    hello all,

    treefrog - sorry to hear about your friend. carry his spirit with you on the big day. it will get you around.

    still in the middle of my exams and so training is a little light still. although i did manage to get out ont he bike for a 90k dash. 3 hours and two mins and felt ok when i finished with no sore legs the next morning.

    i did not have a choice really as i had to play rugby.

    last week i had two exams in two days and studied really hard for them. the day after my exams i went for a run but could only manage about 10 k before i mentally completely switched off. i just did not want to be in that situation. so i thought i will go for a swim, 20 lengths and the same feeling.

    i have never been so mentally tired that i have actaully physically stopped being able to motivate myself.

    i guess i must be getting old.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Good to see that you are getting in some decent miles turtle, and as for you Steveo I don't think its' old age its's the proximity of the event!

    Is it too late to do mega-bricks like those Turtle? I did two of them and they almost destroyed me - at that point I had to resort to the message board for support (thanks Steveo and JonE), but I've no doubt that they provided some benefit.

    We had Tom's funeral yesterday which was difficult but life goes on and I'm steeling myself for the final push 4 more long runs 4 more long cycles and as much open water swimming as I can do! Then the taper- Any advice on tapering ?
  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29
    Hi Treefrog. Good or bad idea, my plan is to keep up the brick sessions every week until I have two left, then I'll taper. I signed up somewhat late. Sweden's ideal training season starts somewhat late. I got access to a decent bike somewhat late - and I stayed off my foot for about seven weeks - I've only run 4-5 times since then (but already hit my top (relatively slow) speed. I fear overtraining, but I see no improvement in taking it easy. I'm not yet sure where the "fine line" is with my body. Yesterday, my wife and I bike to work (47,1km that we time) and I biked back home (I bike alone, she doesn't). I got record 33,6km/hr on the way home - and yes, I did wake up with sore legs from Sunday. Today, we're looking at another 47km home (for her bike, I drove mine down today). Not enthusiastic about this one, I'd rather rest another day, but she's out-of-town tomorrow.

    Curses - I can't tell you how many pastries I ate today. Never go to the grocery store hungry!!

    After Sunday, I see that I have to train my running legs after getting off the bike. I move like molasses in January.

    Also, my wife's got her own challenge ahead of her - the Vattenrundan - 300km around Sweden's second largest lake. I did it in 2004 - painful. Well... she want's to know what she's in for so that's this Saturday's exercise... maybe I'll skip the running afterwards.

    Take Care,

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Turtle I know the feeling about eating too much and weight loss - I lived my life around 70kg for the past 12 years and now that my sport is no longer weight restrictive I'm pigging out a bit.... but in saying that I've recently taken matters in hand and am making a concerted effort to shed the dead weight! (less beer!!!)

    Work restrictions (travelling to regattas) is getting in the way of my final push but starting tonight I'm aiming to get 3 more long runs in and 3 more long cycles in , and then finishing each cycle off with a run ... but how far should I run 2km? , 5km? , 10km? , or more? And on top of this i have to shoehorn in the open water sessions.

    At any rate I aim to start my taper on June 3rd with an Olympic distance triathlon to road test my race kit and to work on transitions.

    I'll take advice on all of the above so any thoughts you or the others have will be appreciated, but I'm making a big effort not tofall foul of the "just one more session" trap that has destroyed many a good athlete's performance!

    Its at times like this I miss Tom's advice, when I'm on the subject I have more sad news... Tom's son , Young Tom, an active 30 something ski instructor outdoor typedropped dead yesterday whilst tidying up his father's affairs, I didn't know the guy at all but by all accounts he was his father's son, this means Tom's daughter has lost all her family in the space of a week!

    Anyway I dont want to be the wet blanket and I will continue to train and race and all that and contribute to the forum but I'm now doing it with extra vigour because life is for living. Good luck to all ....and to me on the 30km'er tonight.
  • cpcpycpcpy Posts: 4
    i'm not a good swimmer (still working on it)

    i recently did my first 4km swim in a 50m pool in just over 2hrs...

    understand that we'll be swimming in the lake...

    would there be any weather/tidal/wind conditions that could increase the difficulty of the swim leg?

  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29

    Wow! Bad luck running in that family. Sounds sort of suspicious, even.

    I spoke with a new friend of mine Today. Experienced triathlete. He's been letting me try out his bike. We've agreed on a price. It's probably as good as anything I could get in Sweden. Sad though, if I flew to America, I think I'd be able to bring back a lot more for the money. But, I don't have time for that now. And, he's been a big help. He cautions against the long distances. He recommends no more than 100-120km, as fast as possible (which I did last time also, sadly). He says he trains at around 40km/hr and drops down to about 37 in the race. So, going forward, I'll probably just do one 88km lap and then run 9km... faster. And, as JonE was saying before, as we get closer, I'll go shorter and more intense.

    Having some trouble in the pool. I can tell that I go a little faster with the wetsuit, which I started using this week. But, it's TIGHT! My breathing is really labored in that thing. I haven't managed more than 800m nonstop. I don't think I'll have a chance at a lake swim before the event - the water here is around 11-12 degrees.

    I hope to find some aero bars and I still need some tri clothes.

    See ya,

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Turtle,feeling restricted in a wetsuit is natural so try to relax and reduce your stroke rate the wetsuit will keep you bouyant.If you are swimming in a lake with the water temp being only 11 degrees then you breathing will be laboured the warmer the water the easier it is.As the wetsuit is a restrictive garment it will cause your muscles to fatigue faster so preventing you from going over 800m by relaxing your muscles will not fatigue and 2.4 miles will be a walk in the park do not worry,try swimming backstroke if you become tired by keeping your face out of the water breathing and oxygen recovery is quicker then after a few strokes revert to front crawl or breaststroke.Some races do not like people swimming backstroke as athletes in difficulty are told to lie on their backs and put their hands in the air.Hope this helps best of luck.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Hi guys, Last Thursday's 30km'er didn't go according to plan as at about 25 km I just stopped, for no good reason other than sudden onset CBA! I then met up with a good friend who has read through my training diary and ordered me some time off as he tweaked the programme - yet again. Anyway on Friday the most terrible cold descended on me which probably explains the CBA, and I've been slowly getting rid of it since though it's not aaway yet. I spent most of the weekend in Ghent Belgium with my charges at the regatta and they too had lacklusture performances!

    Regarding wetsuits I bought an Orca Apex on an impulse buy last October at a very good price, then struggled to lose enough weight to fit into it, and have yet to wear it in anger, but that will end this Thursday when the local open water swims are due to start - weather & tides & cold permitting. I'll be like you Turtle hoping that this layer of neoprene will have magic qualitites and will double the speed of my swim !
  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29
    Thanks for the advice JonE. I toned it down a bit. Swam my first 500m today. Had to stop for goggle-fogging, but then continued for a continuous 3500m - in the wetsuit. I need to get some lubricant, I can feel the rub-burn on my neck after a couple km. I don't know what the difference will be between lake and pool, but today's speed would get me out of the water in about 1hr 15min.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I think I'm back! Went out last night and did 20km-ish on a flat out & back route, I felt quite good; 1 hr 33 min and average HR 143bpm; (hence the "ish") but regardless of speed/distance/time I feel more confident and much more motivated.

    Tonight I'll mostly be playing you Turtle as I've opted for a sea swim, this will be the first time I've worn the wetsuit in anger and the first time I've trained in open water. I'm nervous but what the hell!

    I've been taking all Jon E's advice about wetsuits feeling restrictive, and Turtle's warnings about chaffing, but you never know until you've actually taken the plunge.

    Anyway I hope to make a good contribution tomorrow.. if I survive!

    ps Any word from Steveo? Are in the middle of exams or just so involved in training that you don't get time to file reports? Best of luck to all both in exams and in training.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I did the oprn water swim - it was nerve racking and exhilirating all at once! I swam about a kilometre in a little bay it was quite safe and actually quite shallow for the most part. The wetsuit fitted very well and was comfortable, although I do reccommend Body glide for getting on/off and prevention of chaffing. My biggest problem was a major shortness of breath, possibly caused by a heavy chesty cold, and another problem was a tendancy to veer to the right because I wasn't able to sight my destination. I suppose there was a lot of firsts happening; first time in the wetsuit, first time in the sea as a bona fide swimmer, first proper swim in open water, firstime having no line of black tiles below me or a wall to push from every 25 metres etc etc.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Just had a good training weekend despite having a few home truths pointed out.

    Trainingwise I did a tight 10kmish run with lots of short & steep hills on Friday; it was tough but actually quite enjoyable, Saturday I had to take the school club to a regatta and got no training of note done, then yesterday I did a 3 hour ride at race pace followed by a 20 minute run. The cycle was good although I do need to change my saddle, the 20 minute run afterwards was tough and despite running slowly I couls not get my HR down nor get into a rythym.

    And the home truth .... "lose some weight you fat pig".... so I'm now off the beer & pizza and any other crap until after the 24th June.

    I hope all of you had a good weekend and that you're making progress.
  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29
    Dad was in town this weekend.... Thurs through Monday. Only one training - Saturday bike for 88km followed by 9km run. The bike was slow. What happened to all my new-found speed?! Maybe 88km is just a wee-bit farther than 50. Or the course was harder. And, I drank more, which always slows me down. And today I'm feeling the same way you do - no more pizza, beer, and ice cream for five weeks. Of course, I also said that two months ago...
  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29
    Treefrog, I meant to ask you about this Bodyglide you're using with your wetsuit. Who makes it? I looked for Bodyglide on the internet and all I see is some kind of sex gel made by a company called Eros. Is this the same stuff?


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Look at the date ... One Month to go!!

    This is the time whwere we have to be sensible inthat anything you do from now on in probably won't make you faster but possibly could make you slower. I'm resisting the urge to do anything over and above what's on my schedule but it does include a few long cycles and runs and a lot of short open swims.

    Yesterday I had food poisoning which made the last kM of my run extra fast ass I was sprinting for the bathroom! However it did have the advantage of putting me off my food and purging my system and I've lost about a Kg. I actually feel quite good today having slept it all off, and might if I feel up to it do a few lengths of the pool this evening.

    Good luck to you all in the countdown of the last month.
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Turtle,for bodyglide try www.bournesports.co/Public/Bodyglide/15129.htm

    cooking oil is useable but tends to leave an oil slick behind,or high factor waterproof sunscreen if all else fails,do not use vaseline as it rots the neoprene.I trust the legs are getting fitter and no reoccurrence of your injury.
  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29
    Thanks for the link JonE. Just ordered a couple of sticks - I hope that's enough.

    I do seem to have a little residual pain in the foot and the inside of the left leg above the ankle - along the shinbone. It hurts to touch, but it's generally OK. The pain in my foot doesn't feel any worse when I run, it's just there sometimes and will probably take some time to go away. Regardless of what I have going in, at the other end, I know every molecule from the waiste down and probably a few on the way up are going to be screaming with aches and pains. I haven't yet decided whether I should wear knee supports or not. I used them in the marathon last summer. I haven't trained with them though, but that's been relatively short distance. I hope they have some ice at the finish line.

    How windy is it in Zurich?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi Turtle,the past couple of times it has just been hot with little wind but do not discount the chance of a howling gale if you are unlucky.As for your injury is your foot pain worse in the morning and after a few steps the pain goes if so the chance is that it may be plantar fascitis a common over use injury.If it is then massaging the sole of your foot with a golf ball will help to stretch the large tendon that runs the length of your foot,again your shin may be over use, ice and stretching should help.After you have crossed the finish line there is the athletes garden which has hot/cold baths food,drink etc for you to relax and take a well earned break.It is a long day so relax and enjoy the journey.

    Regarding the knee supports I can suggest 3 options;

    1. do not use them but if you have needed them in the past I would suggest you have them to hand, so

    2. put them in your special needs bag for the run,as you go past the special needs station you can have the option of taking them or leaving them every time you pass the station,or

    3. if you are taking your partner with you as a spectator let them carry them for you but make sure you have arranged a handover place first.Some competitors may deem the last one as outside assistance but providing you are not in the running for a high position finish no one will notice.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Turtle, JonE's advice regarding the supports is good - avoid wearing them if you can one reason is they actually slow the natural healing process and another reason is they RELALLY chaff you during exercise! The body glide is great stuffas not only does it reduce rubbing but it also makes wetsuit removal very easy.

    I have one question which struck me today (whilst cycling uphill against a howling head-gale for 120km!!!) can the CO2 cylinders for puncture repair be carried on an aeroplane? & if not will it be possible to get some in Zurich.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Re CO2 canisters:they shouldn't be a problem providing you have informed the airline that you have them either in your carry-on baggage or hold luggage.I personally would call the airline first to make sure.However if you have read this weeks Cycling weekly regarding not deflating your tyres when packing your bike for airline travel I would suggest you deflate them to about a quater of their max as an aircrafts hold is pressurised to 7000 feet and any tyre inflated fully will stand a good chance of blowing off its rim and damaging something.

    Perchasing CO2 in Zurich is not a problem.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Hello all, I had an enjoyable cycle last night 53 km of just turning the legs on a flat course, and this evening I'm due to do the last (I think) long run 2 1/2 hours. I'm quite looking forward to it as my new running shoes arrived yesterday - asics kayano - and I want to break them in.

    I as yet have not got to grips with nutrition during the IM, except to say that I'm not a "big eater" on the hoof; on long cycles I find energy drink to be too rich and from experience I much rather water and nutrigrain bars.

    Has anyone any advice on nutrition on the day : Just eat anything any time or get into a strict regeime and if so what is thought to be the a good one?

    If I get advice by lunchtime ish I'll try it this evening and report back tomorrow.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    last night's run was a great success (at last). Iaveraged a HR of 146 and ran for 1.15 one way and then turned around and ran back, I ended up doing 2.32.02 which was almost a an even split. I felt good during the run and could have gone on for another hour and a half ... if forced to do so.

    Feeding wise I'm still in the dark , I used nutrigrains and water last light but I don't think it was enough, however I'm developing a hatred of sports drinks! So advice on race day nutrition will be gratefully accepted.

    Tonight after a very important job promotion interview I 'm due to go for an open water swim in a local lake - that will make for a good report tomorrow.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Glad to see the training is going ok.Nutrition is a very personal thing and trying something new can ruin ones best laid plans,as the race progresses you will experience wonderful hunger pangs for the most rediculous things,take what you enjoy and what will not upset your stomach.Nutrigrains are fine if you dislike the sweetness of the sports drinks just dilute them with the water that they hand out.On the run I tend to drink diluted coke as the flatness settles most easily on my stomach.Best of luck with the promotion what to Dep.H or full blown HM.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Hi guys, I've quite a bit to report : Firstly I got the promotion - Head of Rowing! which is great but means that I'llhave to work much harder next year. Anyway onto this year. I did the open water swim (1kM) on Thursday night with two others it went quite well although I did panic at one stage but kept on going and came through it, and then actually finished quite well. On Friday I did 1 hour easy running, and then yesterday I did my first proper triathlon!! I went alright in places and not alright in other places. The swim was daunting and Inever really settled - keeping my head above the water for all 750 M, but I was happy to have survived the mass start and subsequent malee. The first transition was a shambles ; I was all over the show even ripping the number off my number belt (which following various advice from this forum I decided to use) and slipping all ver the ground in my cycling shoes. The cycle (20kM) itself was good I passed loads of people and did not get passed out myself and I flew on a rolling course. The second transition was marginally better with elastic laces saving me a lot of time, although two guys who I passed on the cycle were out before me. I wet alright on the 5 kM run, I ran a steady IMch pace and felt quite relaxed but after months of long steady distance I had no turn of speed and got overhauled by four speed merchants, also I had no sprint finish and consequently my time was 1.20.something whereas it could have been sub 1.20! Ominously I had severe cramps afterwards which I blame on Hi5 so I will not be using it on IMch!
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    I'M BACK......did you miss me? lol

    got one exam left which is tomorrow then all over red rover.

    I am going against advice for the remainder of this week and i am really going to hammer some miles on the bike and running. Due to my exams i have done very little training or at least not as much as i would have liked to have done, but life prevails sometimes.

    so my taper will only be about ten days long. i am hoping that by still building but not overdoing i will be able to catch up somewhat.

    some interesting points have been raised during my absence which i have duly noted so thanks for the advice.

    less than three weeks!!!!!!

    i am getting all excited now, nervous yes but excited nontheless.

    treefrog - open water swimming is just like being in a cold really big swimming pool. i tell my self that every time i get in. as there will be 1800 other people jumping in the water at the same time as us i am going to sit at the back of the crowd and have a cuppa whilst they fight for the first 10metres then i will join in and pass whoever i pass (if i pass anyone that is).

    a friend of my missus did lanzarote last week and has done a good few ironmen now and his advice to me as a rookie was "go hard in the swim, get on your bike and eat and drink and get round as fast as you can, then walk the run if you need to.......................it's finishing that counts!!!!"

    his exact words.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Not sure about the "go hard on the swim advice" only last night the advice I got was that the swim should not feel like a race - that starts in the second half of the cycle! But who knows? We will on the day!!

    I got the results of the triathlon (750m, 20km, 5km) 1.20.06 24th over all the swim and t1 were crap have to go
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