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  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    the 5k last night was a disaster - the bang that most of you heard at about 7.30 yesterday evening was me blowing up! I went out hard and maintained it, but due to a weight loss obsession and a heavy day at work the fuel tank was low and I quite lterally ran out of gas. I did get my act together and finish it but my sub 19 min target was out of the question - I did 21.06.

    Anyway how are you getting on with the list? I've more to add ...

    "Added Extras"

    1. Torch

    2. Spoon

    3. DVD / music player

    4. DVD'S/music

    Which begs the question - What will your IMch theme tune (s) be?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    21 mins seems ok to me.As for insurance Iwould hate to recommend anyone as I have yet to claim so any suggestions out there are most welcome,My BTA covers me for their sanctioned races and I believe they fell out with the WTC last year or so,my travel insurance I have covers me for triathlon worldwide,and a separate bike insurance with so many exceptions it may not be worthwhile.Music arhh we could debate for years on this one kids as mine changes from hour to hour ideally these would be mine;

    Prior to start: U2's where the streets have no name

    Swim: Blue Oyster Cults Perfect water

    Bike: U2's Beautiful day

    Run: Green Days Time of my life (good riddance)

    But as usual it will revert to the classic track by Rainbow from their seminal classic album Difficult to cure. ' Vielleicht das nachste mal '.

    Translated means 'maybe next time' this would sum up my triathlon(life).

    No doubt all you youngster will have some Ibetha dance track.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi All,hope the training is goining ok,now the weather is improving at least I can sit outside and do nothing.This post is really a reply to a question asked by TURTLE on the 'plea for help post'.On the run as you go round you will be given a coloured band one for each lap provided you have all the bands then they let you finish do not worry about missing out as they will give them to you as you pass.I know it is a lot to think about but all the answer and more can be found in the book they give you at registration ,further questions at the briefing where you can find out who has not read the book.However in the expo centre there is a hut which is manned by the ironcrew who are happy to answer any queries from where are the toilets on the bike,to the best bike shop for repairs,to cheap cafes and restaurants.It is very daunting but the Swiss race is very well organised.Language is not a problem either as most Swiss are Tri lingual.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Quite a bit to tell you all about tonight !

    Firstly my music ... well prior to the staart it has to be AC/DC's Highway to Hell for the swim I haven't decided just yet but I'll give it thought, the bike was due to be Bomber by Motorhead but after a brutal session yesterday (more later) I may have to revise that one, finally the run well for me it can only be Van Halen's Running with the Devil - Anyway from my experience of Euro events (world games of mountain biking, Iron Man Austria, various regattas) we'll be adeqauately catered for regarding 70's - 80's rock !!!

    Yesterday I had a brutal seesion - the course I got hopelessly lost on last week - new bike set up ( modesty prevents me from exposing the details ) and race kit, I went for it, well a long story short I was in no state to do a marathon after the bike (3x51km laps at 31.5 kmph ; 1.36).

    I think I need a new saddle or good shorts , I'm more worried about the shorts. I'm currently using Orca but the padding is not enough - any suggestions?

    Finally the chap who got letter of the month for the last issue of 220 was published as Clive Wales - well it was actually me ( all identities at the bsr in Zurich) anyway 220 were excellent and provided me with much more than the prize .

    Time to go

  • TurtleTurtle Posts: 29
    Thanks Jon.E.

    Was I supposed to get a book when I registered? They haven't sent me anything... including the t-shirt. I do see my name on the list of participants.

    I was full of enthusiasm when I started in December. Now, it's a bit tough. I still don't have the bike. I haven't run in over month due to a tendon problem in my left foot. Hopefully, I'll start up again this week with a slow 2-3km.

    My swimming is much better, considering I learned how to crawl in January, but I'm far from fast. My pool swim now is about 20min/km.

    On the bright side, I have dropped about 6kg of bodyfat since December and all my clothes fit - I can even wear my blue jeans again!

    Thanks for the reminder... I need to make sure my bike has a reservation on the airplane.

    Best Regards,

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi everyone,Do not worry about not receiving anything yet Turtle,when you register at the race HQ you will be issued your booklet and goody bag which included the two times I have done it a very nice ironman holdall or rucsac rather than a t shirt(finishers t shirt given at the end along with a nice certificate with your times on).Sorry to hear about the achilles injury that is one injury that plagues me on and off.Try www.physioroom.com for treatments and remedial exercises to help with the pain.20 min per km is excellent for anyone particularly if you only learned crawl this year with 3 months to go there is still plenty of time,a fast walk will get you round the run course in 6.5 to 7 hours giving plenty of time for the bike and to finish with a huge grin on your face.

    I reckon that the bike course run out on the thursday will be over subscribed just so people can say they have trained with certain pro cyclist.Take care.
  • cpcpycpcpy Posts: 4
    jon.E wrote:
    Hi All,I think the cut off times are

    swim 2hrs 30mins

    swim+bike 10hrs 30mins

    swim+bike+run 17hrs

    hi guys,

    according to


    the cutoff time for swim+bike is 10 hours and swim+bike+run is 16 hours

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Whoops sorry if I have misled anyone,strange that the Austrian one is 17 hrs and the Swiss one only 16hrs,just have to go a bit faster.
  • cpcpycpcpy Posts: 4
    yes, no worries, just have to swim / bike / run a little faster [:)]

    i'm from singapore, will be doing the IMS with about 10 people in our triathlon club...

    anybody knows what's the temperature there in june? and whether we need to wear additional clothing at the bike and run leg?


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,if you need to research the weather for any race try www.wunderground.com .type in you city or nearest airport and you should get a nice page of current weather.This page also allows you to access the weather history for the last few years to get a probability of what to expect.Hope this helps.
  • cpcpycpcpy Posts: 4
    thanks for the link...[;)]
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    hello to all, not been on for a while so hope you are all feeling good?

    completed a half marathon in 1:43 last week and was quite happy with it. had two rugby matches over the easter holidays and so not much training done last week and my shoulders are very sore today.

    16hrs cut off time!!! whats that all about? how come IMch is different to all the others. not happy about losing that hour. i think i will need it.

    10 weeks to go, i am really looking forward to it now but still finding it hard to get all the training in that i know i need to do so i can back off for a few weeks before the actual race.

    JonE - how is the leg? do you think your going to make the trip?

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi All,thanks for the concern Steve,my cut off day is next week when I do a fitness test so I will let you know.One forty three is a good time so you should be pleased with it.Sixteen or seventeen it becomes all a blur anyway.Take care.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Hi guys hope training is going well. I haven't had a chance to contribute lateley but I've being getting loads of miles on the bike at the expense of running, but I'll address that this week. I hope your leg gets better and we get to meet you in Switzerland as your advice and encouragement has been a nd continues to be great.

    16 hours cut off seems a bit unfair but not as bad as the Rotterdam marathon yesterday when the organisers simply called it off mid race because the temperature got too high! I don't know any of the stats (cut off temperature etc) but apparently there were people dropping all over the show! Some competitors did get to complete it but others didn't - some reports infer that runners were within 2kM from the line and were denied a finish! I hope this is not on the cards for Zurich
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    guten tag (been practising my german!)

    as the big day gets closer the link appears to be getting quieter!!!! a few nerves brewing in the stomach? i know i have.

    did another half marathon and improved my time by almost three minutes. so feeling happy about that. i have done the same as you treefrog, neglected teh bike to get miles in on the road but feeling a little guilty about that now.

    JonE - two things - first, how did your test go?

    second, mass starts are they really that scary? the largest i have been involved with was 250.

    how are we going to identify each other so we can meet for the rewarding beer?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Bonjour (if you insist on going down the Euro road),2 months to go and it will all be over in half a day,nervous probably due to fear of the unknown,questions like will I get out of the water with my teeth intact,will I find my bike,what if I get lost,have I got enough puncture repair equipment,will it be hot/cold.......Chances are all this will evaporate when you walk around the race centre and realise everyone is the same.

    Mass starts are a bit daunting, you plus 1500 swimmers,from my own experience it is frustrating as athletes do not seed themseves well at the start line so you either get swum over and punched/kicked or swim over others punching and kicking. zips get pulled down, goggles displaced all of which is unintentional but you don't think it is so you lash out to make space as everyone seems to want the space that you are in.If starting in a large melee worries you go to the extreme left,as the swim is clockwise, give the bouys a wide berth about ten metres as for some reason they seem to attact swimmers and stay out of trouble,find you own space and you will enjoy the swim.It may be worthwhile using tinted goggles as the sun will be low and reflecting off the water.

    As for meeting probably the best place would be at the race briefing furthest table from the stage,everyone wearing a red carnation(or not).One to discuss.

    One of the earlier threads was cost of the race,I am now working out my costs for having to pull out of the race due to knee problems which have not healed.I have already missed the first three races of the year I will miss Ironman CH and at least two others which have been paid for in advance,they say triathlon is not cheap,but in the long run I reckon it is for the best.

    If I can think of any more useless info I will post it,so one last word of advice......Do not leave your brain in the transition area before the race!!!!

    Vielleicht Das Nachste Mal
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Jon E sorry to learn that you are doubtful about Switzerland, as I've said before your advice and encouragement has been excellent and motivating - its' good to know about the goggles as I've to buy a new pair soon.

    My training went through a rough patch , but I seem to have got over it now and am preparing for a few big pushes over the next few weeks.

    By the way I've just discovered a great website www.mapmyrun.com which gives the distances, maps and profiles of all your favourite and most hated runs , it takes a while to get the hang of but it is quite fun to use!
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    the days tick by.................................

    another good week in the pool and feeling quite good about things at the mo.

    silly question but does the water taste as good as bala or as bad as london?
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Never thought of that - a good question!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    It is better than Bala and almost drinking quality.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    definitely better than london then.

    oh how i look forward to wading in the aviation fuel run off that is the london swim in august.

    well that is if i survive IMCH.

    another big game this weekend against castleford tigers in the cup so i think i will be a little sore on monday morning.

    nothing a nice little swim cannot cure though.

    have you ever read that book I it could have been a film too) "the loneliness of the long distance runner"? well that is how i feel after about 30 lengths in the pool. so much time to think and let your mind wander. strangely enough when i allow myself to do that i swim quicker and dont feel any where near as fatigued when i finish. trouble is i cannot get into that state of mind everytime i swim which messes my times up.

    am i weird or is this a common thing?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    AAAAHHHH!!!!! Zen and the art of swimming.To do without thinking!Could be similar to the runners high but short lived.I think the film starred Malcolm Mcdowel.I remember reading a post regarding London and having to pay £120 to swim with a pile of t**ds which was not being polite about fellow competitors but at least you can ride through the capitol in your underwear without being arrested.

    Best of luck with the match Steve.

    I see from the thread regarding mp3 players for swimming attracted a large number of hits guess most triathletes are gear freaks but I am impressed with the swimp3 player.It stops me from getting bored.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Hi guys, hope training is going well , I've just realised that its two months to go!

    I've had a few solid weeks of training ; I've been getting out on the bike and doing the distance on quite hilly terrain whilst on the bars - I've opted for an aero set up. I try to average race pace (32kmH) but the hills keep the average below that. Swim wise and run wise I'm doing just short of the distances, but apart from a 10km after cycling I've yet to string them all together, and that worries me.

    I suppose you got all the emails about the medical studies, are they worth going into ?
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Further to my last post I am now going through a patch of extreme nervousness! Will I get through the swim, Should I go for a non aero set up and most of all How the hell will I do a full marathon after a 6 hour bike ride?? Does adrenaline continue to kick in at T2 ? What gets you through it despite heat, fatigue, sore body etc etc?
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    welcome to my world treefrog

    i have been feeling like that for about month already. i am not training as much as i would like due to rugby and my impending exams taking up all my time.

    will you get out of the water? YES you have swam the distance before and this time you will have a wetsuit on.

    will i finish the bike course? YES cos there are too many long downhills to kill you off completely (only three small but steep climbs and three long but not very steep climbs)

    will i finish the run and ultimately the race? YES because you want to!!!!!!!!!

    that is what i keep telling myself. plus i am being sponsored for cancer research so if i do not it will all be in vain and i will not let that happen.

    from the training you have done (whiich is alot more than me) you should get round in about 12 hrs. all i want to do is finish 15hrs 59mins 59 secs will suit me fine. but i think i will do it in about 13.5 hrs. hehehe[:D]
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Thanks for the vote of confidence Stevo, I think it was your words that motivted me to go to the pool and actually swim last night - despite being the victim of pool rage from two foul mouthed women of a certain age who quite simply were not meant to be in the "medium lane" !

    I'm due to cycle tonight with the club - which should be fun I must admit sometimes its good to have company when you train; is it that having a fellow sufferer gets you over the negatives - just like our blog does
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    i very rarely do any cycling or running with anyone but myslef. i live a considerable distance away from my club but i am moving back towards them soon so i should have some guys to train with shortly.

    i think the hardest thing is not knowing if you are going at a decent pace as you just push yourself or amble along. plus, even though we may never admit it, there is no sense of competition when you run on your own.

    the days get longer....................time grows shorter!!!!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Stevo, you're quite right about the days growing shorter, I've just one more 3 week big training block to go, before I start the taper down!

    I had a good weekend - I bought new goggles (aquasphere eagles with perscription lenses) by mail order, and I got some decent sessions in, but they are lonley when all you have for company is abusive motorists!

    Is there any word on Jon E's progress, has he made the final decision as to whether he'll compete?

    Maybe he's the guy to adise us on the taper :when, how long, what to do?

    I look forward to the replies - if only to learn that I'm not the only one fighting demotivation, headwinds, fear and bloody chavs in cars!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi folks,it is abit like a ground rush with a race date,your whole training regime is centred on the one race and you never feel that you have done enough,personally with tapering in the last two weeks I reduce the length of my sessions but increase the intensity but always finish thinking I could have done more,hopefully allowing you to turn up at the start line eager to get off and refreshed.

    I took the couch commanders way out and asked for a refund last week as I still cannot walk without feeling that someone is jabbing my knee with a sharp stick.It is totally frustrating as the weather improves I want to get out and do runs/cycles etc but feel a little incapacitated.Still I will be able to watch the race on www.ironmanlive.com and watch you suffer and triumph on the day.But I would rather be there,enjoy the journey not just the finish.

    Guess you must be using works computers like me?
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Sad news for me yesterday - My coach and friend Mr Tom Donnelly died suddenly yesterday, I'm completely gobsmacked, Tom was great he provided me with programmes, taught me to swim, and keopt an eye on my progress. He was also a n accomplished triathlete in his own right, winning his age group in the escape from alcatrazz and competeing when ever he could despite recovering from a stroke. WHAT A MAN!
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