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What training have you done today?



  • Wednesday: 10km run followed by a 2 km walk

    Not the most taxing training but all I could manage with time constraints.
  • Thursday: rest day

    Friday: 7.5 km run home from work. Good solid run hr at 175bpm.

    Saturday: 3.2km sea swim. starting to feel more relaxed with my stroke.

  • Monday:AM 6 mile run, PM 1 hour swim

    Tuesday: AM 6 mile run, PM 1 hour turbo (45min 140bpm, 15 min 170bpm)

    Wednesday: Rest Day

    Thursday: PM 1 hour turbo (40 min 140 bpm, 20 min 170bpm) PM 1 hour swim

    Friday: PM 30 min turbo rec ride, PM No swim due to snow!!

    Saturday: AM 1 hour run, PM 45 min turbo with 10 mins fast pedal

    Sunday: AM 1 hour 30 mins turbo (1hour, 140 bpm, 30 min 170 bpm)

    PM 1 hour run

    Total 10 hrs 15 mins
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Commuting 25 miles a day for the last 3 weeks and generally doing 4 or 5 miles at dinner time with a 5 miler yesterday and a 32 mile bike today. Have not swum lengths since August so that is going to hurt soon.
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Hi all -- my first visit to the forum and 1st year in Tri [:)]

    Target London Olympic Tri - sub 3 hrs

    Last 10 days training

    Saturday 30Km Bike (1:05) followed by 4K jog (25mins)(First Brick Session)

    Sunday 28K Bike (55 mins)

    Monday 5K jog (25 mins)

    Tuesday 60 mins Turbo Session (Tempo - 75%MHR)

    Wednesday None: REST DAY

    Thursday 5K jog (27 mins snowing and ice)

    Friday None : 275mile drive London

    Saturday 5 Hrs walking round 220 TCR show (with weight lifting , purchased goodies etc)

    Sunday 5K jog (25 mins) + drive home

    Not much compared to some here !!!

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    yesterday 26 miles on the bike and a 5 mile run

    today 11.2 miles on the road a 4.5 mile run and I plan to go on the turbo as soon as my dinner is settled.
  • RewRew Posts: 62
    4.8 MILE RUN IN 36:37
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Started training for London Tri, so building up now.

    AM Swimming

    250m Warm Up

    6x25m drill sets with 15 second rest in between

    4x 100m moderate pace with 10 second rest in between

    6x25m kick drill sets with 15 second rest in between

    250m Warm down.


    40 Minute run. Probably about 5 miles.

  • Gutted, been ill all week so no training! Only 3 weeks to clumber park now, i didnt need that! Feeling better now though. Has anyone got any race info through yet??
  • havent posted for a while but still been training, ankle still not right so have been concentrating on swimming - club swims mon and fri

    last week

    monday - 1000m approx swim

    wednesday - 700m approx swim

    friday - club swim

    sunday - club cycle 30 miles
  • [:)][:D]rode 25 miles to burton upon trent yesterday did 6 miles cross country and then rode 25 miles back home to market bosworth a good days training......got to keep going people to beat at strathclyde in may
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    Went out on the bike at the weekend for a really nice ride. Felt really strong going up the hills and really enjoyed it. Got home and felt so knacked I promptly fell asleep in the middle of the day. Then managed to wake myself up coughing and sneezing. Brilliant - maybe my wife was right and I wasn't well enough to be training. Don't worry she doesn't read this and won't see me admiting I was wrong.


  • Not posted for a while as not been training but got back into it the last few days.

    Saturday 7 mile mountain bike ride

    Sunday 1200m swim session

    Monday 1550m swim session

  • Sitting here trying to get inspired to get on the turbo trainer. But waking the dead starts in a wee while and cant hear the telly when on the trainer. The plot is difficult enough to keep up with when you are concentrating let alone giving it laldy on the turbo!

    So rest day today, swim tomorrow morning and running club with some weights tomorrow night. Tell you the weight training is really making a difference. Got the guide out of the training bible by joe friel.

    Sore knees following half marathon on Saturday. Should take up tiddliewinks instead!

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Today 45 mile bike and a 5 mile run.
  • a 4-5k(ish) run. in the dark.

    my legs don't work properly today. maybe i did a few too many hills on the bike yesterday (but it was a beautiful sunny day so i didn't notice at the time).

    am going to eat lots, try and get more sleep tonight (hyperactive mice in the loft permitting) and hope the whole think hurts a bit less on wednesday.....

  • Did 2km in the pool last night and it was like being in a washing machine. There must not have been anything good on TV so everyone went swimming.

  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70

    65km Bike Saturday (<75% MHR)

    25Km Bike Sunday (Hill climbing practice)

    Swim / sinking Monday - 100m warm up , 400m - alternating BS / FS each length , 100m warm down. -- lesson learnt , breath through mouth not nose and try not to drink the pool !!! My Freestyle needs loads of work.

  • RewRew Posts: 62
    5.1 mile run last night in 42.39
  • Went for a night time bike ride up Ben Nevis tonight. Beats the pants of cycling on the road in the dark.

    Swimming tomorrow 2K 4 500m then running tomorrow night.

    Did a great session with the running club on tuesday where we ran for 15 minutes at 10K pace rested then did 10 mins at 10k then 5 mins at 10k pace. it was really hard work but a great workout.
  • Today - Swam about 12 lengths of my local 33m pool, maybe a little more.

    Tomorrow - Hangover (rest day)

    Sat - Run until I can't go anymore. (about 2 miles)

  • Tuesday 6.3km run (starting at 32minute 10k pace then slowing for the last 3 km)

    Wednesday 6.3km run (starting at 32minute 10km pace then slowing for last 2km)

    good sessions as now I know how fast these professionals run for a whole 10km. Killer!!

    I can't wait til i can do that.

    I WILL succeed.
  • Not posted for a good long while so here it is for this week


    A.M. 4km run

    P.M. Tri club swim (about 2000m) at which I set a 200m p.b.


    Swim this morning (about 1300m) no p.bs this time

    Plan for this evening is another run

  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    Still coughing and spluttering so still no training. I think I may be going mad.

    Going to the Doc today to get the stiches out of my back, hopefully he will give me something for the cold as well.


  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Heres mine for the week so far from Tuesday.

    Tues - 32 miles on the bike - 5 mile run

    Wed - 41 miles bike - 5 miles run

    Thurs - 20.5 miles bike - 4.5 mile run

    Fri - 26 mile bike and an hours run (distance unknown)
  • Friday 25km Bike up the Waitakere ranges in Auckland. Big hills but great weather so felt the burn.

    This morning Saturday 3 km sea swim. Feeling really good in the swim, hope to do 1500m in 18-19minutes next month.

  • Run race today, did 27.31 for 5 miles and finished 5th overall, pretty pleased
  • changed my plans from the hang over and managed to walk/run (hopefully more run than walk) a 4 mile course on Thursday (christ I'm embarrisingly unfit)

    Friday was spent wanting to run, but instead had to have a rest day (don't want to bring the curse of sciatica back with overtraining).

    Today I went out with the Serpentine running club, managed 4 miles including the warm up (again quite a bit of walking and cutting off huge chunks of park to keep up).

    Tomorrow (Sunday) should be a swim day and Monday the 3.5 mile run home from work.

    Really need to work on my base fitness, even my lightest jog causes my HR to continually rise till I have to walk again (ended up flirting with a girl quite badly after my Monday run and wathched my HR jump up 20bpm+ just from that) managed a PB for my HR during the run today of 105%. May need to tweak some settings on the watch.

  • AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    Wednesday : pool swim 2000m working on sprint sessions followed by 5km fun run in 21 minutes then a 9km run home at easy pace.

    thursday : 50 - 60km cycle up the waitakeres again. These hills kill me every time but I still go back to them.

    Saturday : 2.8km Sea Swim at an easy pace. Feeling good in the wetsuit, nice and relaxed.

    Can't wait for tri in 2 weeks.

    I will keep pushing!!!
  • s1s1 Posts: 9
    In comparison to everyone else this seems nothing but I only managed to fit in a 15min spin on the bike, but something is better than nothing!
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