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What training have you done today?



  • Not posted for a while and not actually trained. Been ill with a cold which has triggered off my asthma. Still coughing and spluttering 2 weeks later despite steroids and antibiotics.

    Fed up

    Did manage 7 miles on the mountain bike yesterday.

    Away skiing next week.

  • AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    Saturday I went for my usual Sea swim, all the while thinking of the Ironman athletes in Taupo N.Z. Well done to anyone who managed it. I know it was a fantastic day and the weather was perfect for it.

    Sunday work called all day. Monday I went for a 40km Bike ride in the hills tackling a killer of a hill and followed this with a 3.5km run at easy pace.

    Tuesday ran 7km tackling another monster of a hill and followed this with a 20km cycle in the hills again.

    Wednesday ran 5km in 20min 50secs. Felt good all the way this time and beat my pb.

    Today took an easy run for 5km and that will be it for the day.

    Got to keep going, can't stop.
  • steveslaysteveslay Posts: 54
    not posted for while but training is going fairly well at the moment swimming mondays and fridays with tri club

    went for 40 mile cycle yesterday and did 35 mile cycle the saturday before
  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    Did a couple of runs today - to work and back. Each run was only a few km but I have been laid up with a cold then a bad back so this was my first training for weeks. It wasn't at all comfotable but it was great to get going again.


  • AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    Friday went for small bike ride 20 km at easy pace.

    Saturday usual sea swim 3km at good pace. There was a young 15yr old with the group (who i am sure is going to compete in 2016 olympics for New Zealand) on Saturday who swam 1200 m in 14 minutes. I felt like a snail next to him and I can swim 1500 in 19 - 20 min.

    Sunday work day 18hrs so I am counting it towards training.

    Monday went for an open water swim again. 4 sprint circuits on 400m each. Starting to wind down training as I have a race on Sunday.

    Going to go for a cycle today to loosen off the muscles.

    Can't stop got to keep going. Very exciting race on sunday. Also very sad to hear one of the sports greatest Hamish Carter is retiring.
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Sunday am 1500 metres in pool at a moderate pace.

    Sunday pm went for 7 mile run.

    Monday off

    Today 14 mile bike, with a section for fartlekking. Involving speed pace/VO2 max up a hill for 1 minute, then two minute recovery. Repeated 7 times.

  • 18 mile on the bike one and half hr run
  • Hi,

    - you guys are hardcore!!!!

    wondered if you might have a few training plans to share??

    I am looking for some training tips for swimming - anyone got a sample training schedule for improving technique and most importantly aerobic/speed. I am training for a sprint Tri and need some structured training plans for 5-6days of swim training/week.

    off for my lunchtime run........happy happy joy joy

    Keep on Tri-ing!!

  • LeeCookLeeCook Posts: 22
    Saturday: Did Clumber Park duathlon - qualified in 4th for 20-24 age group for GB team. I had a disappointing race though. Did first 10k in 37.10mins and felt very comfortable. Once on the bike the problems started, i got full blown cramp in both calves (resulting in me nearly falling off twice). Could barely walk let alone run on the final 5k which took a shocking 20mins 50s.

    Sunday: Rest day

    Monday: 40 mins easy spin on turbo

    Tuesday: 45min steady run, 50 min strength set on turbo (20min w-up, main: 4*4mins overgeared with 1 min recovery, 10 min w-down)

    Wednesday: 45min tempo run, 50 mins turbo at 70%
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673

    bike to club swim

    Club swim (about 1800m - loads of drills)

    Bike home


    10km run in zone 3

  • MikeyBMikeyB Posts: 135
    Just biking and running to work every day this week, no great distances. It is so good to be training again after my month off.
  • priceda1priceda1 Posts: 7
    Hi Sharonamo,

    I'm very new to all this, and keep a look out for little things to help. I don't know what the more experienced among will think to this idea but try www.swim4fitness.com they have a training log you can set up (V basic, includes distance, times etc) you can include running and bike training also.

    To your original point though they have a lot of triathlon swim training downloads available free of charge covering all distances. Give it a try!

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Quick swim this morning

    4*100m warm up

    4 * (50 drill + 50 full - one arm, catch up, hand to thigh and shoulder touch)

    1*200m in 3:45..new pb

    2*100m pull as cool down...

  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Ok. Having been marathon training for Paris for the last few months my training has been somewhat one-dimensional.

    Having signed up for a few triathlons and a duathlon in the near future its time to get the multi-sport training back on plan.

    Monday morning - first swim session for quite a while. 400m swim time was 2mins slower than last year so I've got a fair way to go to get back on track.

    And with a marathon in 4 weeks!
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Over the last couple of weeks getting each week in:-

    3 x 5Km runs

    2 x 60 - 75 min Turbo Sessions either Base work HR <70% or pyramid

    1 x long Bike ride 40 - 60 miles

    2 swim sessions , technique based - distance not important (too much reading of the TI book [:)] ) - I'm a sailing boat not a barge !! Actually more the other way round [:)]

    It was all going well until Saturday when after 15 miles ( including 2 longish hills ) cycling into the gale that was blowing, which took approx 1 hour ( 10 - 15 mins longer than normal) I 'bonked' -- plans changed , planned route went out the window, new route - direct home. Total = 28 miles. I haven't felt so tired in ages ... Looking back I know why (not enough sleep and poor / not enough food on Thurs night / Friday night), biggest issue I have is trying to train and lose weight (fat). I am obsessed with the numbers on the scales.....
  • ILMAKRILMAKR Posts: 20
    This weekend I...

    Drank 7 cans of Stella,

    8 pints of Guiness,

    2 Double Vodka Red-Bulls

    5 G&Ts

    Danced alot.

    How I'm not dead I'm not quite sure, but I do know that my body now hates me. Seriously, it's time for me to hit a healthy patch or this triathlon idea may aswell go straight out the window.

    I also know I've never felt better than I did when I was training for a Marathon - so why can't I focus on that energy? I need a Terrible Terry Tate to motivate me!

  • WellaWella Posts: 188
    Never underestimate the cardiovascular effects of dancing. Its important to keep the hydration going as well otherwise you may collapse.

    The weather dosn't help for motivation either. Depending on when your tri is you should find that training will become more enjoyable when you are out on the bike and the sun is shining. As opposed to yesterday's snow.


    I share your obsession with the scales but don't let it get you down. Keep the nutrition on track, which isn't always easy, and you should see the results you are after. Better still, track your body fat percentage rather than weight.
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Last night club swim - bottled out of biking there and back due to snow
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Thanks for that Wella - Its very hard when you have been obessed with weight for years to ignore it. I know I am fitter than ever before, current resting HR=53, I can now do all the local climbs on the bike without going anerobic (a quiet HRM is good). 2 weeks ago 55 miles in 3hrs (not bad as it is not flat round here).

    Should be on the Turbo at the moment but its -2C in the Garage and I have a head cold (not man flu) - Rest is good training and I am watching my Total Immersion swimming DVD. Downhill swimming ?? Enter - Stretch - Pause .. This will be fun at the local pool
  • AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    Sunday: Olympic distance tri in 2h37min. I used all of my energy on the bike and had nothingleft for the run so have decided to concentrate a lot more on my biking.

    Monday: went for 45km bike in the Hills around Auckland.

    Tuesday: went for 35km bike in the Hills around Auckland. Big Climb today!!

    Wednesday: 5km run in 22mins.

    I will better my time next month!! 2h20 here I come.

  • steveslaysteveslay Posts: 54
    training going fairly well at the moment especially in the pool

    sun 40 mile bike

    mon tri club swim mainly drills 1300m appox

    wed 900m swim

    thu 1000m swim

    have got week off next week so should get quite a bit
  • s1s1 Posts: 9
    Today my boyfriend and I cycled our first half century! Well I say 50 miles, it was 49 miles as we were coming up t our home so we did any extra little loop around the block! It was a long day but very enjoyable and am feeling very good with myself at the moment and wanted to come and share. Happy training!
  • ILMAKRILMAKR Posts: 20
    Ran from Putney to Waterloo (then got the Jubilee line the rest of the way to work, which was pointless because the system I need was down anyway, so I then turned round and came home (via a bit of shopping!)
  • LeeCookLeeCook Posts: 22

    RHR 39 bpm, weight 63kg

    Monday: PM Strength set turbo(1hour) 25 min w.up. Main set -1 legged intervals overgeared, 8*1min on each leg. 15 min cool down.

    PM Swim (1 hour) 15*200m. 5*200m w/up on 3.15s. 5*200m hand paddles on 3.10s. 5*200 descending on 3.00s

    Tuesday: PM 1 hour run. 20 min wup, 9*1 min hill reps with 1.30s recovery, 20 min cool down.

    PM 45 mins on turbo at 140BPM

    Wednesday: Rest day

    Thursday: PM 40 min easy run

    PM 1 hour swim (coached session)

    Friday: PM Speed set turbo 50min. 20 min w.up. 6*1min max effort with 1 min recovery. 15 min cool down.

    PM Swim fit (1 hour) coached session

    Saturday: Long easy run (1h20)

    Sunday: Easy ride (2 hr)

    Total: 10 hrs 40min

    Feel quite tired but pleased with swimming at moment
  • WellaWella Posts: 188

    Sunday - Last long run before the Paris Marathon. Went for 32km but blew up at 30km. Tried walking but no joy. Now very concerned at the prospect of completing my first marathon.

    Anyone else suffered this or have any tips?

    Monday - Swim technique session. Still getting used o some of the TI drills.
  • RewRew Posts: 62

    Hit with a throat infection four weeks ago and haven't felt like doing a thing since.

    Plus the fact my rugby team, Billericay RFC, won the semi final of the EDF Energy junior vase on Saturday and are now playing the final at Twickenham, May 12th, the week before I'm due to do the Eton Super Sprint on the 19th May.
  • steveosteveo Posts: 69
    4km swim in 1:39 very happy with myself.

    rugby training tonight.
  • the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    [:)][:D]over 1,500 miles on the bike so far this year , 150 miles running, and over 40.000 mtrs swimming this year is it enough? because theres people to beat....[:)][;)][:D]
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Started training again after a couple of weeks doing rubbish training. Due to working away, and using hotel facilities.

    Anyway today:-

    Swimming AM

    250m warm up

    6x 25 Drills with 10 second rest

    8 x 100 at moderate pace with 5 second rest

    6 x 25 Kicking Drills with 20 second rest

    250m warm down

    Total 1600m

    Running PM

    55 minute run, hope to do about 6.5 miles.

  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    First time doing anything like training for a triathlon (so no laughing at the back)

    400M swim (mix of crawl and breast stroke - and the crawl does tend to alarm life guards who think I'm drowning)

    20 minute cycle

    20 minute run

    So I guess I can probably manage a sprint which is good to know, now to start building it up.
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