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What training have you done today!

Remember last year there was a string going about training. It was quite motivational throughout the winter so I wondered if you all want to start again!

Me I did nothing today due to a chest infection and a childs party which had to be organised.

Have decided to go easy for next few weeks. Just finished last A race a fortnight ago.

Start posting so that I can get motivated again!


  • As if you need it!!![:D] Still a junior member I see lol. Im going to save the effort and read last years again.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    hey motpack,

    I did a 9k run today and will do some core training later on.

    I can't see how this motivates you, but if it works for you [&:].
  • Three stars Houndog! Still a long way to catch up with you! Thank you Benny. I have started looking at my base training. Planning a swim session tomorrow looking at stroke work and working on kick. 2000m

    Then a turbo sess in the evening for about 90 mins It is too dark and wet to get out on the bike at the moment.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey middle,

    I've done a turbo session of 50 min easy spinning this morning after bringing the kids to shool.

    I'm gonna motivate the hel out of you in this thread[:@][:D].
  • Did a 5k run this morning and will be doing an hour in the gym at lunchtime. It doesn't sound that great now that I've written it down.
  • Went to the pool this morning. Even the old grannys in the slow lane were beating me. Need to cough up this lung then should be back to normal! Turbo is sitting looking at me at the moment but I think I will just sit and watch the telly, feel sorry for myself and eat the kids birthday cake!
  • [:)]rode to work today as usual 9 miles each way ...run 4 miles at lunch then 2000mtrs swim tonight... just got to tick over...[:D]
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    a 7k run did it for me today, tomorrow commute to work and back; 2x10 miles.

    Well MOTP, that cakes sure sounds better then my training.
  • I did a steady 8k run this morning then 1 hour in the pool this lunchtime doing technique work and intervals i also have a spin class tonight.

    I have no work today so I 've been stuffing my face while watching movies in between!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Great day today 35 minute steady state sculling before work and this evening I broke my pb with a 60 km turbo session in 1.24.45 (42,5kmh). Great stuff. Light sculling tomorrow and then 20 km running on Friday. I love it.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    sounds like treefrog is peaking already (42,5kmh [:o], thats me downhill, wind from behind[&:]).

    Are you sure your real name isn't Tim Don??[:D]
  • [:)] twenty miles to work and back on the bike then tonight 30 miles around mallory park... with 50 or so other loonies for another bike session...just got to keep going[&:]
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Just on re-hab programme after injury so 20 min gentle front crawl in pool this morning - felt great to be back! Hopefully 30 - 45 mins gentle bike ride this p.m. if there is no reaction from my back injury after this morning's swim.

    Sounds like you are stacking up the bike miles belly!
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    a 1 mile swim after three weeks of non-swimming. Really slow and easy, nice for a change.

    Some core-work this evening. That about does it for today for me.

    Hope you all had a good training today,

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey middleofthepack,

    Since you started this thread, I and all other members expect you to put most mails in it!![:D]

    Anyway; did a 40k easy bike ride, lots of wind though, but no hurry in it, relax[8D]
  • Today nothing, tomorrow, 1500m swim, 750m leading 750m drafting. 30mins of sprints. This is quite good I feel I better do it now I've wrote it down!
  • Hey Benny

    I am still sitting feeling guilty having done very little. Managed to walk round the shops today without having to stop too many times. Have finally got antibiotics for this chest so should be back to some training next week.

    Bought an exercise ball from Tescos today. Could only get it in pink!

    I need to get this f;kn infection cleared before I turn back into a fat puddin
  • Going to try and beat the old grannys in the pool tomorrow morning!
  • Hi ya all!!!

    Have run planned today of 10 mile and tomorrow is 1hr gym session followed by 1500m swim in pool.

    Trouble is got xmas meal tonight with work so tomorrow will be tough..[8D] toughm
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Yo middleofthepack,

    be sure to bring that pink ball to the pool; the old grannys will love you for it, could end up in one hell of a run training afterwards.[:D][:D][:D]
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    oh, and by the way, just one more post and you get your fourth star, that ought to motivate you, wont it?? Certainly something to brag about to hound dog!
  • fat puddin with a pink ball and a chest infection?!! motp, , It just goes to show theres always someone worse off lol.

    Brilliant 4k swim this morn, gym and spinning session tonight. hips still giving me grief and desperate to run[&o]
  • One more star Hurrah!
  • Hey less of the senior. I am still clinging onto my thirties.
  • Managed the pool this morning 5*400m 15secs rest. Middle 400 200 kick 200 pull.

    Did a turbo session tonight. 1 hour

    Thanks for the sympathy guys. I was close to death yesterday (not that I complain)[:-], the only thing that kept me alive is that I was not going to pop my clogs on the floor of Tescos. (Do you think the wife would get extra tesco vouchers if I did that?)
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    7k run yesterday, that damn knee keeps hurting like hell.

    45min turbo ,very easy.

    I guess if my wife comeshome early, I'll try to go to the pool this afternoon.(no pink ball accompanied though[;)]).

  • 2 hour bike ride. Some sprints. New bike so getting used to it. Tomorrow will do 40min interval run, then I have to go to the dentist!!
  • 1 hr on the turbo working on high cadence, 1mile lunchtime swim & just worked my core using TRX suspension trainer.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Its Wednesday and I had another great turbo session, although I must admit it was a struggle to motivate myself after a long hard day at work, but I just got on with it ... 60 km in 1.25.40 (42kmh). I do feel a little pompous but if I don't let you guys know who else will get to hear about it?
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Thats the meaning of this thread, letting others know, and above all: getting middleofthepack move that ass out of the comfy sofa[:D][:D]

    Did a 1 mile swim this evening, nothing rest of the day.
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